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Children’s Preschool Volunteer

Pour into the next generation by serving in Preschool Sunday School!

This opportunity is every Sunday during first or second service. Roles include Small Group Leader, Team Leader, Teacher, and Supervisor.

  • Small Group Leaders - Engage in the provided activities and discussions, provide spiritual leadership for children, and assist leadership roles with classroom management.
  • Team Leaders - Welcome children into the classroom, manage classroom transitions, oversee and equip volunteers, and maintain relationships and communication with volunteers and parents.
  • Teachers - Craft and teach accurate, engaging, and helpful lessons. They also partner with the Team Leader to assist with classroom management.
  • Supervisors - Assist volunteers and parents as needed, oversee adult-to-child ratios in classrooms, reinforce Children’s Ministries policy adherence, and carry out safety procedures.




College Park Church

Age Minimum


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