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Aligned with our focus on connection, we are constructing an onsite, one-of-a-kind, 3-seasons gathering space with an anticipated completion of late 2023.

Construction Update

Construction for The Portico began in April 2023. Check out construction progress below!

A Place to Connect

The space will be called The Portico, after the historic area adjacent to the temple where the early church met for prayer and fellowship (Acts 5:12-14). Planned for the northeast corner of our property, the area will include an outdoor pavilion along with a walking path and playground. This space will help us foster relational connections internally as a church and externally with our local community by providing an additional (and unique) space for ministry events, family events, and playdates. It will be open for public use half of the time, and the other half will be available for special ministry gatherings and congregant events. The playground and walking path will be open to the public at all times.

The project will be entirely funded outside of the annual budget with all needed funds already committed by the lead donor family as well as others who have made commitments.


3D Tour

Playground Model


What will it be called?

It will be called The Portico, after the historic area adjacent to the temple where the early church met for prayer and fellowship (Acts 5:12-14).

Will the construction have any affect on ministry activities?

Due to the location in the northeast corner of the property, we do not expect any effect on regular ministry activities. For a time, the existing prayer path and that corner of the property will be unavailable for use. We do not anticipate that construction will effect parking on Sundays.

When will it be completed?

The anticipated completion of the project is late 2023.

What will the operating hours be?

The Portico will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. while the walking path and playground will be open from sunrise to sundown.

What will the seasons of operation be?

The Portico pavilion will be open late March to early December, but on a warm winter day, you will be welcome to use the playground and walking path! Inside The Portico there will be radiant floor heating, so depending on the weather, the pavilion itself may remain open.

Who will be able to use the space?

The Portico will be a special space for organic connections to happen. The pavilion will be open half of the time for anyone to use. The other half of the time, the pavilion will be available for ministry and congregant events. The walking path and playground will be open at all time during operating hours. 

Will I be able to reserve the pavilion?

Yes, College Park members and regular attenders will be able to reserve the pavilion. For dedicated event reservations, there will be a formal reservation process based on availability. Reservations will begin in June 2024.

The majority of the time, The Portico pavilion will be open and available for organic gatherings similar to a public park pavilion. You will be able to bring your family or meet up with your small group and enjoy The Portico pavilion while sharing it with others who may also be there.

Will those in the community (not within College Park) be able to reserve it?

Some day, we hope so! As with any new space, there will be some learning curves, so initially it will be reservable by College Park ministries, members, and regular attenders only. Then as time allows, we will discern next steps and open the space to be reserved by those in the community as we are able.

Will there be security?

The space will have security cameras along with strategic lighting. 

Where will the parking be? Will the area be ADA accessible? Will there be restrooms?

Parking will be available near The Portico along with a path to walk to the pavilion space. The pavilion and accompanying playground will be ADA accessible. Restrooms will be located along the outside of The Portico pavilion. 

Will the prayer path still be there?

Yes, the space known as the historic “prayer path” will still be available for use.

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