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The College Park Church Prayer Wall is the central place for prayer requests. Share your prayer requests, pray for others and see how others have prayed for you.

By submitting prayer requests to the Prayer Wall, you are giving consent for the church to post prayer requests online and on the College Park social media. College Park has the right to edit all information submitted to ensure the proper level of privacy is maintained.

If you would like to share a prayer or praise with the staff and elders only (i.e., not posted on the Prayer Wall), please select “Share only with Staff and Shepherding Department” when submitting your request. If you would like to share a prayer or praise and have it posted on the Prayer Wall without your name, please select “Share Anonymously.”

Prayer Request added by Beth McIntyre

My brother Keith Clark has been diagnosed with ALS. He is very frail and weak. Pray that God is gentle with him as he finishes strong.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Dawn Smith's step-dad passed away yesterday from a brain bleed. He entered the presence of his Savior, Jesus.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Vicki Bailey's Mom passed away last week. Pray for the family as they go to California for the funeral.

Prayer Request added by Wendy Zwart

Please the husband of a dear friend of mine, his name is Arturo, has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasis cancer from previous kidney cancer. They are not believers, they are Jewish, but please pray that this might open my friend's heart to hear about Jesus from me and also for healing for her husband. Thank you

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Jeff and Laura Henney and their 5 children have been in a very serious accident where their vehicle rolled over. They were driving during the night from Vientiane, Laos to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most of the family was unconscious but Abbi (their middle daughter) was able to get a message through to Nathan Cole in Sudan and talk for a minute, and he began to mobilize help from there. Friends from both Laos and Thailand are now there helping. They have made it to the hospital in Thailand. There are many broken bones and they are being assessed for internal bleeding. This information has not been updated for a while but the latest we have heard on them is: Jeff is conscious but concern is internal bleeding. Laura possibly most serious at the moment w most serious injuries, lots of broken bones, low oxygen. Anna, Corrie, Karisa in the best shape. Micah broken or dislocated shoulder. Don’t know much else.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Our dear friend and former member, B.J. Zazas has passed into the presence of her Savior.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Please pray for our dear friend, B.J. Zazas. She has cancer and could be in her last days here before going to her Savior. She faithfully served our special needs folks for many years..

Prayer Request for Molly Lawton

Posted by Compassion Ministries: Molly Lawton had a scare today with a heart attack. By God's grace she was taken to the hospital quickly and they were able to place a stent immediately to relieve the blockage. She was awake, talking, praising the Lord and doing very well within an hour after the episode. Praise the Lord for his kindness and pray as she recovers.

Prayer request for Palys, Sarah

Posted by Compassion Ministries: We rejoice with Greg & Sarah Palys on the birth of their son, Luke, over the weekend. Luke was born early at 31 weeks. Sarah began experiencing some complications and the doctors felt it best to take Luke early via C-section. Overall, Sarah and Luke are doing well despite it being a pretty scary situation. Luke will need to remain in NICU for awhile. Please keep Sarah and Luke in your prayers, as well as Greg and their other children, during this time.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Wolfgang Otto will be having surgery to repair his heart valve. It is today at 1:00. PLEASE pray.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Michael Tanis' Mom is now in heaven with her Savior.!/Obituary

Prayer Request added by Alonzo Weems

Alicia’s dad passed away last night after a lengthy stay in intensive care from multiple health complications. He began hospice at home yesterday afternoon and transitioned rather peacefully hours later. Requesting prayers for Alicia, her siblings and stepmom, in particular, that they be strengthened in the days ahead .

Prayer Request added by Brian Gooch

Please pray for our friends the Gotwald family in Westfield. Their third grade daughter Annie died suddenly yesterday.

Prayer Request added for Tom Qualls

Posted by Compassion Ministries: Tom Qualls had surgery to remove his gall bladder. Pray for quick healing and recovery. Pray also for his wife Kim as she cares for him and their one-year old as well.

Prayer Request added by Julia Wu

Please pray that my upcoming total left knee replacement on Tuesday, January 30 and recuperation will go smoothly. Pray I handle the anesthesia well and don’t get any blood clots or infections during and post surgery. Thank you so much!

Prayer request for Payne, Katelyn

Katelyn Payne, a member at CPC, is currently in the hospital with post birth complications and an infection that is not responding to IV antibiotics. Please pray that her body does respond to the antibiotics and she is able to go home to be with her family. Her newborn is Levi and is 10 days old.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

My husband and I have been trying to start a family for a year. Our fertility tests came back normal. We ask for prayer while we wait a couple more months before scheduling a fertility consultation. It has been really difficult on both of us and we are struggling with depression.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

I am asking for prayer for my mom, Lee Ann, to come to know Jesus and His deep love for her. In December she was diagnosed with cancer and is currently working through appointments and am upcoming MRI this weekend. Pray for the right words to say, to be salt and light to her, for healing, and for God's will to be done. Pray for discernment around all the practical issues as well.

Prayer Request added by Joe Jordan

Thank you for praying for my father Jim Jordan who was in the hospital with influenza and kidney injury. He is now home and recovering.

Prayer Request added by Brienn Darr

Thank you all for the prayers for my husband, JJ. The less invasive surgery was successful and we are hoping discharge from the hospital sometime this week. Continued prayers that the infection is completely gone and that recovery continues to go well.

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