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The College Park Church Prayer Wall is the central place for prayer requests. Share your prayer requests, pray for others and see how others have prayed for you.

By submitting prayer requests to the Prayer Wall, you are giving consent for the church to post prayer requests online and on the College Park social media. College Park has the right to edit all information submitted to ensure the proper level of privacy is maintained.

If you would like to share a prayer or praise with the staff and elders only (i.e., not posted on the Prayer Wall), please select “Share only with Staff and Shepherding Department” when submitting your request. If you would like to share a prayer or praise and have it posted on the Prayer Wall without your name, please select “Share Anonymously.”

Prayer Request added by Mary Ann Pickell

My precious husband of 52 years Bruce Pickell went home to heaven Tuesday evening. Thank you College Park for praying for us and helping in so many ways! Our daughters Missi Pickell and Mindi Strong and I still need your prayers as we face life without him.

Prayer Request added by Yvonne Schwedland

Posted by Compassion Ministries: Yvonne was diagnosed with cancer recently and will be having surgery tomorrow (Friday, 12/8). Please pray for strength in the fight and that the perfect love of Christ and his nearness would drive out all fear. Pray for a successful, uncomplicated surgery, a speedy recovery, and that all medical treatments would thoroughly eradicate the cancer.

Prayer Request added by Earl Cecil

Please pray for my wife Cheryl and me as we walk through her disease of dementia as each day brings new challenges as we depend upon our Lord for this journey in our 56 years of marriage. Thank you and may Christ be glorified.

Prayer Request added by Morrie Adams

My wife, Nancy, died earlier this year. Please pray as I grapple with life changes after this loss and wisdom about what the future has for me.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

My brother Norm has been struggling with emergent health concerns for the past 2 months. He has surgery scheduled for a blockage in his renal artery on Thursday, December 7th. Pray for not only physical healing but also spiritual redemption. For all who call on the Lord shall be saved.

Prayer Request added by Kristy Reeves

My Uncle Dennis has Stage 4 lung cancer. It’s been almost a year now and he is now very weak. He has oxygen at home that he needs because of his breathing. He was doing a trial that they were not even sure he could get into but he was able to get into this trial from March to September and that is when they found that it was no longer working. The tumor in his lung is now growing and he has one in his brain as well and he’s needing 24/7 care at home so my aunt was able to change her work hours and my cousin moved back home and they do have a home health aide. They did find a pill form of what is like Chemo that he can try (he’s taking now at home) to hopefully prolong his life. So far he is doing good with that but weakness is still there. Please keep him and my family in prayers. Thanks, Kristy Reeves

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Bruce Pickell has been admitted to the ICU for pulmonary edema. There are no current plans for going on a ventilator but right now he needs more advanced care.

Prayer Request added by Mary Ann Pickell

Please pray for our family dealing with Covid. Missi and I are recovering but the nursing home sent Bruce to the hospital last night with serious complications. Thanks for your prayers.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

Please pray for my wife of 22-years, myself, our two boys, and our marriage. This is a desperate situation. Only the Lord can change hearts. Please pray for a move in both our spirits, to release pride, resentment, and bitterness; and make space for grace, mercy, and forgiveness through humility. Thank you.

Prayer Request added by Mike Dupont

Posted by Compassion Ministries: Mike was admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving day for fainting and chest/abdominal pain. The doctors have ruled out any heart concerns. Please pray for clarity & wisdom from the doctors about what is happening, and peace and strength for Mike and Linda.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Matt Ware is in the hospital with severe abdominal issues. He is very sick. Today's update is that he is a little more comfortable today while the doctors work on a treatment plan.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Pat Tawney is in hospice care now. Pray for her strength and endurance to the end of her days on earth.

Prayer Request added by Sherri Moran

I have been dealing with chronic health issues and would appreciate prayers for healing, strength, and increased ability to function at home and work. Thank you, church family!

Prayer Request added by Mary Zimmerly

Pray for my 11 month old grand daughter, Madelynne, she has a highly contagious viral infection. It causes itching and rashes. Pray she heals quickly. Nothing they can do but wait till the infection clears.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Stephanie Flandermeyer’s Mom is in the hospital following receiving a pacemaker in January, quadriplegia in March, and now possible colon and liver cancer. She is 87 and a believer.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Pray for Dayton and Trudy Molendorp. Dayton is in the hospital with an infection. Pray for the diagnosis to be discovered and treated soon.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Pam Tomasik suffered a heart attack early this week. She is just out of surgery where she had a heart cath performed. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to know how to treat this latest heart issue. Also pray for her husband Jim who will be having knee surgery on the 28th of November.

Prayer Request added by DeeAnn Cassady

The mother of our friend George is having heart surgery. Docs told her if she did not, she'd have less than 1 year to live. I do not know her faith but they are both very apprehensive. George also got into a car accident yesterday, and he could use prayer as her caretaker.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

My friends husband 53 died suddenly from a heart attack. Please pray for the Lord to bring peace to the wife and kids. She does not have a church body for support and needs others to lift this request.

Prayer Request added by Barb Quinn

I have a distant cousin who is 2.5 years old. He was born with a large hole in his heart. It will be repaired along with repairs to two heart valves on Thursday, Nov. 16th at Barnes Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. Please pray that 1) he stays healthy so he can have the surgery, 2) the surgery is successful and 3) he recovers without any complications. Thank you so much, church family!

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