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The College Park Church Prayer Wall is the central place for prayer requests. Share your prayer requests, pray for others and see how others have prayed for you.

By submitting prayer requests to the Prayer Wall, you are giving consent for the church to post prayer requests online and on the College Park social media. College Park has the right to edit all information submitted to ensure the proper level of privacy is maintained.

If you would like to share a prayer or praise with the staff and elders only (i.e., not posted on the Prayer Wall), please select “Share only with Staff and Shepherding Department” when submitting your request. If you would like to share a prayer or praise and have it posted on the Prayer Wall without your name, please select “Share Anonymously.”

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Louise Mack has suffered a stroke. She is currently in hospice care.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

We are scheduled for our second court hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, in regards to our contested adoption. Our prayer is that the Lord will move mountains and allow us to adopt our child. Also appreciate prayers for protection, wisdom, peace and clarity. Prayers for the judge and our attorney as well.

Prayer Request added by Gail Goens

My mom, Dolores Mceuen, a 97 yr old member of CPC , fell Saturday. Two broken ribs and lots of pain…not much she can take to help…please pray for pain relief and healing! Thanks so much!

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Update on Dave Horner: Dave is recovering from hip replacement surgery and has been transferred to Allisonville Meadows care facility.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Pray for Dave and Barb Horner. Dave fell, broke his hip, and is now recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Prayer Request added by Stephanie Kliber

Please be praying for our daughter, Lorelai Kliber. She is having her first of two surgeries on Tuesday, May 21 at 7:00am for chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Both of lower legs were positive in all four compartments. She is starting with her left leg. She also has an entrapped peroneal nerve, so they will release that as well. We are praying for grace, wisdom for her surgeon and staff, no to minimal complications and relief from the chronic pain she has had the last four years.

Prayer Request for Dave Horner

Pray for Dave Horner – Dave fell, broke a hip, and had surgery to partially replace the hip.

Prayer Request added by Jessilyn Otto

Please pray for my husband, Wolfgang Otto, who is in the hospital for internal bleeding from stomach polyps, also with low blood pressure and hemoglobin. He has been treated, but the polyp needs to be removed. Thank God Wolfgang's spirits are good, and we are praying for God's wisdom for the next steps. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Please pray for the family of Brooke Greenwood. Brooke passed into Jesus' presence early this morning after a battle with melanoma cancer. Brooke is sister to member Luke Greenwood and sister-in-law to staff member Riley Greenwood.

Prayer Request added by Becky Hepker

Asking for prayer for a sweet college friend that has fought through multiple chemical sensitivities and mold toxicity that left her housebound for years. Over the past year she had huge improvement and was writing again and occasionally going out! Recently, she had a minor surgery and a blood clot caused a stroke. She has continued to decline and is now receiving hospice care as she cannot eat, hardly drink and vomits daily. Prayers for her, her husband and two young adult children, one of whom has special needs requiring much physical support. This family has been through so much. They love the Lord and trust in His divine care and hope beyond this life. Thank you for praying.

Prayer request for Osborne, Bruce

Bruce Osborne's dad passed away unexpectedly. Please pray for comfort and peace as the Osborne family grieves the loss of a dear father and grandfather.

Prayer Request for Ellie Logeman

Posted by Compassion Ministries: Please pray for little Ellie Logeman, born premature at 26 weeks back in February. Her original due date of May 15 was when they hoped she'd be able to go home, and while she's made great progress she has stalled a bit and it's looking like she won't be going home by the 15th. Please join in praying for this sweet little girl that she will gain great ground this week in her growth and the markers she needs to hit for the doctors to clear her to go home. And pray for grace and endurance for parents, Adam and Natalie as this has been a long, exhausting journey with their first baby in the NICU for over 3 months.

Prayer Request added by Neil Mack

Please pray for my mother Loiuse. She is now under hospice care. Pray for her comfort and peace. Please pray for the family during this difficult time. God's hands are around Louise.

Prayer Request added by Don Bartemus

Our dear, long time church member Louis Mack is currently in hospice.

Prayer request for Samuel, Beulah

Please pray for Beulah, Samuel, and their family as Beulah continues her cancer journey with radiation starting soon. The tentative plan is for 5 weeks of radiation. Would God give them grace upon grace. And would radiation complete the removal of the cancer from her body.

Prayer Request for Dalena Jeffries

Dalena Jeffries dad passed away unexpectedly after an open heart surgery. Please pray for comfort and peace for the family during this time of loss.

Prayer request for Clarence White Sr.

Clarence White Sr. went into the hospital with a heart attack last night. He is stable and being monitored today.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

Please pray for our contested adoption. Pray for wisdom of the judge, for truth to be revealed and for the enemy's plans to be destroyed.

Prayer Request added by Anonymous

Just found out my son in law is getting laid off from work. He’s also unsaved & id say respectfully uninterested.

Prayer Request added by Anita Brown

Our daughter has just been diagnosed with Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) breast cancer stage 0. Please pray for peace of mind, good doctors, good explanation of treatment options and recovery. Trusting God to give us strength and direction in the days ahead. Thank you!

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