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Local Outreach exists to ignite a passion to follow Jesus by pursuing gospel-centered multiplication in our lives and in the community.

The vision of Local Outreach is to empower people to do the work of evangelism by proclaiming the gospel (Matt. 28:19-20) and engaging our neighbors with the love of Christ (Luke 10:25-37).

Local Outreach Opportunities

We emphasize the importance of empowering our people and engaging our neighbors with the hope of the gospel. We serve both the College Park Church family as well as those who don’t attend with the same goal of glorifying Christ.

Our desire is to create a “Culture of Outreach,” which is defined by the gospel influencing every aspect of our everyday lives.

  • Personal: How do I reach the people I know?
  • Proximity: How do we serve the people around us and around our church?
  • Profession: How do I maximize where I work?
  • Partnership: How do we work with others?

Our Local Outreach Partners

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