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Workplace Ministry: How?

Written by Bill Moore on

Prior to COVID-19, most adults spent the majority of their daytime hours at a workplace. As people now return to their workplaces after months of working from home, I believe they will view the workplace as far more valuable—energized by seeing and working with their colleagues in person again.   

As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this renewed appreciation for working in-person with others. We can share our faith in a more intentional manner, knowing people are more receptive to talking about the things that matter.   

Workplace Ministry

Jesus modeled this approach of workplace ministry by recruiting men while they were working. Jesus found Peter and his brother at a lake running their fishing business, and Jesus recruited Matthew from his tax collecting booth. Not a single disciple was recruited while worshiping at the synagogue.

We also see that when God created man, God placed him in the garden and charged him with the work to care for it. God designed man to work. This strong correlation between God’s design of man and how Jesus recruited people, shows us that God expects us to share the gospel in our workplaces.

There are a host of practical tools the American legal system allows and protects. The Constitution, the Civil Rights Act, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act were all created to protect employees from being discriminated against or fired for exercising their faith in the workplace. These laws make it legal to read your Bible, pray, and talk to others about Jesus in your place of employment.

How to Share Your Faith at Work

So, with that in mind, here are a few practical ideas on how to share your faith at work: 

  1. Invite others to pray at the beginning of the workday – Individually ask your colleagues if they would like to take part in a short prayer time before work starts.
  2. Invite others to join you for a lunchtime discussion of spiritual issues – Many people love to talk about the existence of God or where we go when we die. This can be a diverse group of people in different stages of their spiritual journey and from other faith practices.
  3. Invite others to join you for a short Bible study at lunch – Meet on-site or at a nearby restaurant, and keep it simple by reading a few verses and discussing them.
  4. Invite others to a meal outside of work hours or to attend church with you – Extend your relationships outside of work so that people can get to know you on a more personal level.
  5. Form a group to serve the needs of fellow employees – Helping people with their basic needs of food, clothing, medical care, and emotional support has a huge impact, and it also opens up avenues to discuss your faith. When someone is in crisis, Christians should be the first to provide the needed support.

Taking Action with the Gospel Message

Before initiating the ideas above, check with your HR department for any policies that limit when and where these things can take place. Follow company policy, but also make sure those policies are being equally administered to all people and that they comply with federal laws. The Alliance Defending Freedom is a group of Christian lawyers who can help you navigate this space with confidence.

Your faith can shine in the post-COVID workplace, and you can have a gospel impact as people return to the workplace. Prepare yourself through planning and prayer and remember that sharing Jesus with those around you is the most loving thing you can do.

Bill Moore

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