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How Do I Work for the Glory of God?

Written by Zac Griffith on

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This year’s THINK conference was all about doing the work you’ve been given to the glory of God no matter what you do. The struggle to make work more than just a job is one that we can all relate to, but Dr. Dan Doriani encouraged us to see our work as more than a job but as an opportunity to glorify God.

The reason we host a conference called THINK every year is simply to encourage people to engage their minds and think about how truth from God’s Word impacts our lives. THINK offers an incredible opportunity to sit under robust theological teaching that’s also extremely practical. If, in the past few months, you feel like your faith has grown stagnant or you’ve become complacent in your workplace, can I encourage you to take two or three truths taught in the conference and apply them to your life?

This year we’ve created a THINK debrief discussion guide designed to help you move from just understanding content to actually applying it. This is a great resource to work through in either a group or personal setting.

Another way to keep engaging with the content is to share the conference with a coworker. This is a great way to share the gospel with someone you work with who may also feel weary about their work life.


How To Keep THINKing about Work for the Glory of God

If this year’s conference sparked an interest in you to think more and perhaps more deeply about your faith in general, College Park also has some amazing opportunities and resources you may want to take advantage of.


College Park Institute

College Park Church Institute is getting ready to kick off a couple new seminars in the upcoming months.

  • Flourishing in Christ’s Kingdom: A Study Through the Sermon on the Mount – Dr. Jonathan Pennington (April & May 2022)
  • Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology – Dr. Gregg Allison (August & September 2022)


Books & Resources

If you weren’t able to attend the conference and didn’t get to check out the resources in the THINK bookstore, here are a few titles you might be interested in:


Looking Ahead

We may have just wrapped up THINK22, but we’re already looking forward to THINK23, which will be all about technology, focused on the question: “What does it mean to be a Christian in the digital age?” You’re invited and we hope you’ll join us again!




Zac Griffith

Zac serves as a Pastoral Resident at College Park Church. He is passionate about learning about God through his Word and teaching others to do the same. He enjoys spending time with his wife, watching shows, and cooking together.

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