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Thank you for your interest in Women's Bible Study. Classes began the week of Jan. 11. We would still welcome you to join a class; however, online registration is closed. Please contact Jane Schuth for more details.

The Amazing Collection Part 2

Time | Wednesday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In part 2 of The Amazing Collection, weekly we will study and discuss a book of the Bible–starting in 1 Chronicles and reaching Song of Solomon. Written by Big Dream Ministries, this approachable study will help us learn about the major themes, events, and people in each book of the Bible. It is an excellent way to see the overarching themes of the Bible as a whole. This is the continuation from part 1, but new members could easily step into this study and are welcomed. This class will be offered via Zoom.

Cost: $25

Recommended daily homework: 20 min. (if choosing the "quick read" option).

Leaders:  Carol Berg, Marianne Judge, and Pat McGhee


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