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Why Sundays Still Matter

Written by Kevin Myers on

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It’s Sunday morning, and instead of driving to a church building wearing your Sunday best you take twenty steps into the living room still in pajamas with coffee mug in hand.

The church is in a state that none of us has seen before. Normally on Sundays you would be serving the church in some capacity, but instead you are living in a new normal at home—a world where the church must meet online. You are getting a taste of what is looks like to simply consume church.

Deep in your soul you know watching a church service on a couch is not how we are meant to gather as believers. Our meeting has turned to a communal consumption of content, rather than a meeting of a body of believers to serve, to rejoice with, and to weep alongside.

In this time, you are learning firsthand why Sundays are important as a believer. Why you gather together is less of a hypothetical question and is now answered with a feeling of longing to be together. I recommend that we show up for worship at the standard service time each week, even if we’re not walking into the same building. Why?

1. It’s a Shared Experience

We were created to share experiences and not to exist alone. From the beginning of creation, we are told that “it is not good for man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18). This is saying more about humanity than just marriage. This narrative shows us so much more about our identity, and how our need for community reflects the God whose image we bear.

2. It’s an Opportunity to Remember and Believe

During times of crisis we forget truth. We need our church family declaring the truths that are hard to believe in difficult times. When my own strength fails, I need the love that is found in a community to build me up and to affirm the love my Father has for me.

The Bible is full of stories of people because other people’s stories affect us in a profound way: we can relate to them and see our own stories in them. We need to remind ourselves of these truths from these stories because it is easy to forget when we are all alone. The truth that Jesus still saves, that God is still in control, and that the gospel is still good.

3. It’s a Chance to Build up One Another

We long for the day when we can declare truths together in person. Until then, declare the truths together from afar. Build one another up through a text, a video conversation, or a prayer over the phone. Engage and share experiences where we can during this season.

Let’s not just “tune in” to church. Let’s continue to be the community of believers who were created to love one another. Let’s remind one another this week and lift our voices on Sunday as we worship in one Spirit. As we watch from our own living rooms, let’s remember that we are not alone, and let’s declare the same truth—together.

Kevin Myers

Kevin serves at College Park Church as the Student Ministries Coordinator. He uses his passion to teach, lead, and disciple others through worship practices both on Sundays and midweek. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys meeting new people by participating in a trivia night or playing ultimate frisbee.

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