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What to Think After THINK|20?

Written by Ryan Skinner on

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Having only moved to the Indianapolis area less than a year ago, this was my first chance to attend the THINK conference, and I’m so grateful that I did.

Big Attendance, Big Questions

I was amazed to see over 1,400 people attend the conference, as well as 186 children at kidTHINK and 60 teenagers at studentTHINK. The weekend encouraged me to actively strive to live a life that pleases the Lord—not to earn salvation, but as a deliberate means of living out the grace that God has given us in Christ. As Dr. Kevin DeYoung eloquently expressed in his message on Saturday morning, “The pursuit of godliness flows out of the grace of God: gospel grace leads to a gospel way of living.”
Throughout the conference, specific aspects of God’s intention for holiness in our lives were presented, rooted in challenging questions:
• Why is there a hole in our holiness?
• What is at stake if we don’t understand that we can be holy?
• What does it look like to pursue God as a busy mom?
• Why do the Ten Commandments still matter?
• What does it look like to integrate our suffering, sanctification, and thinking? (from Dr. Todd Wilson on Sunday)
So now that THINK weekend is over, what are some next steps we can take to keep “growing in godliness”?

1. Ways to Engage in Positive GroupTHINK

• If your Small Group is open: invite friends to join your group as a means of continuing to grow together in godliness
Try out a class at College Park to intentionally explore God’s Word with others
• Sign up for College Park Institute’s upcoming twelve-week Theology Bootcamp that immerses participants in the doctrine and story of the Bible
• Intentionally pray for God to give our pastors and missionaries strength to live lives of holiness as they serve both here and around the world

2. Further Opportunities to Keep THINKing!

• Take time to regularly drink deeply from God’s Word, memorize it, and purposefully put it into practice this month (see James 1:22)
• Make 2020 the year that you deliberately read some Scripture-saturated and thought-provoking theological books—such as Kevin DeYoung’s The Hole in Our Holiness or Todd Wilson’s Real Christian
• Examine your own blind-spots when it comes to the need to pursue holiness

As we examine our hearts through Scripture, may God reveal any incorrect thinking or resistance towards actively striving for sanctification. And may God make us one step more whole in our holiness.

THINK|20 Conference Sessions (video, audio)

Ryan Skinner

Ryan serves as the Assistant Director of Global & Urban Outreach at College Park Church. He is passionate about coming alongside the Church—both in Indianapolis and around the world. Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and three kids: Anna, Nora, and Jake.

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