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Top Content From 2020

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This year presented immense challenges and opportunities for growth in our world. Here on CPC Resources, we sought to provide culturally-relevant, faith-based content that helped you navigate the waters. During 2020, we have shared original music, podcast content from Equip, and hundreds of articles from more than 80 different authors. Together, we’ve grown in several areas, sharing stories about racial unity, life during a pandemic, mental health, and more.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and interacting with this content. May the Lord continue to glorify his name throughout the earth through this digital ministry. We’ll see you in 2021!

Top Content from 2020

A Lament for George Floyd by Mark Vroegop

“Lament vocalizes grief. It empathizes with the hurting. And it memorializes the anguish as a form of loving protest. Lament doesn’t solve all the problems. But it is a place to start. Here’s mine.”

Goodness of God” music video by CPC Worship

Join College Park Worship for a multisite rendition of “Goodness of God.”

Are We Living in the End Times? by Joe Bartemus

“I have heard some who are predicting the future based on events in the last few weeks. That is understandable, but maybe not the best. To help, I want to address a few common questions you might have about all the unrest and what we know about the end times.”

3 Things to Remember in Times of Anxiety by Jeff Ballard

“Fear is banging at the door and calling out us to fix our minds on the turbulent waters all around us. Instead, let’s be a remembering people so that we can shine brightly in the midst of a very fearful world. Here’s how. . .”

How the Bible Sustains Me Through My Husband’s Battle With Cancer by Kendall Carlson

“One gift of Bjorn’s extremely rare disease was in knowing that it was not an accident and that our hope was not going to come from the odds the doctors would give us. Our hope was firmly in Jesus and his goodness alone, whatever the outcome.”

How to Watch “Frozen 2” With Your Child by Greg Palys

“This Christian review of Frozen 2 will act as a guide for how to walk your child through Frozen 2 by asking a series of questions.”

Missionaries and Mental Health by Jill Henry

“There I sat in a cold examination room in Thailand, tears flowing down my face, as a Thai neurologist diagnosed me with depression”

3 Ways Jesus Revealed the Worth of Women by Karesse Warren

“As believers we are called to look like Jesus. For women, this means having a right understanding of our worth and value, based upon Jesus’s treatment of women. For men, whether single or married, this means looking to Jesus as the example of how to treat women.”

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