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Top Content From 2019

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This year on CPC Resources, we sought to bring you relevant, faith-based content that addresses areas of importance to you. We have shared original music, our flagship podcast (Equip), and hundreds of articles from more than 75 different authors. Our culture is constantly shifting its values, which is why CPC Resources has stood to remind you of the never-changing truth of God—applying it to topics like parenting, ethnic diversity, and stewardship.

Whether you’re wondering how to study your Bible, what God’s Word says about depression, or how to talk with your children about race, CPC Resources is here to intersect those questions with trustworthy and biblical media.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and interacting with this content. May the Lord continue to glorify his name throughout the earth through this digital ministry. We’ll see you in 2020!

Top Content from 2019

Pastoral Lament for Tyler Trent by Mark Vroegop

This morning I woke up early and wrote a lament. I’m really sad, and yet I know that God is good. When I’m stuck between my grief and what I believe, lament is the language I need.

Position Paper: Affirmations & Denials on Singleness

This position paper clarifies College Park Church’s stance on singleness and marriage, touching on key ideas such as identity, ministry, and sexuality.

The Story of Tia by College Park Church Communications

In an act of radical grace, the Lord rescued Tia and transformed her life. In this video, Tia shares how God used the ministry of College Park Church and Heart Change to intervene and bring her hope.

Common Factors in the Breakdown of a Marriage by Jeff Ballard

My mind drifted back to all the weddings I had attended—how the bride and groom beamed, how they couldn’t wait to spend their lives together, and how they eagerly made vows to one another. I imagined that this couple’s wedding day was probably like this, too. I began to wonder, “How do two people go from the joy of their wedding day to the brink of divorce?”

Introverts & the Church by Becca Tarrant

Speaking from my own experience, church can be overwhelming as an introvert… Programs and conferences are full of people and large-group interaction, which can leave an introvert wondering: should I force my introverted self into an extroverted mold in order to be a faithful Christian?

How God Transformed My Perspective on Race by Richard Ellis

As part of the majority culture, I previously saw through a lens that believed race issues were largely settled. [Then], all remaining pretenses were shattered… my ignorance or blindness to issues of race was exposed.

Equip #38 – Behind the Scenes: The Sermon Application Team

We begin by critiquing last Sunday’s sermon. So we sit around a large table, and just say, “Okay, what did you think went well?”… [T]hen we move into the next text for the coming up Sunday, and so we just kind of lay out on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, pre-printed copy of the actual text and then we give them about five to six minutes just to circle important words, get the flow, the feel of the passage.”

What Psalm 67 Teaches About Contentment by Susan Perkins

What am I to do with all these things—with all these possessions and skills God has given me? How do I bring glory to God with the gift of the Holy Spirit, who helps me to understand God’s commands and promises?

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