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The Light That Overcomes Darkness

Written by Stephanie Valadez on

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light” (Isa. 9:2).

God has described the Son in many ways. The brightest descriptors, perhaps, are “Light of the World,” and the “True Light” (John 1:4-9; 8:12). The Father sent that brilliant, beautiful, life-giving light into the world in the most inconspicuous of ways. One night, in a small village, a young woman gave birth to a baby boy. The Light entered humanity as a small child, but his entrance changed everything.

By entering in, Jesus overcame darkness–all darkness, in every age, forevermore (John 1:5). To announce the coming of this infant light, the Father sent his own glorious light by way of an angel messenger and a multitude of heavenly host (Luke 2:9,13).

Just picture that moment. In an instant, the darkness of the night was miraculously split wide open–a beautiful image of the Son splitting open the dark prison of sin and death.

As the tiny Light grew, he drew people to himself–as light does. The light attracted hearts longing for life and hope, and those who loved darkness and wanted to extinguish it. And when the world tried to extinguish the light of Christ, his glory exploded across all existence with the power of perfect love, sacrificing itself and transforming all that ever was or will be. He rose again, rescuing humanity from darkness and offering eternal life to all who believe (John 12:36, 46).

We who walk in darkness have seen a great light indeed. Let us celebrate the coming of the Light of the World, the True Light, Jesus the Savior. May his name be ever praised.

Stephanie Valadez

Stephanie Valadez is a member of College Park Church. She loves the Word of God and relating the Word to real life in writing. She is married with two teenagers, has a passion for mission work in Ethiopia, and enjoys traveling and reading.

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