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Take a step in your faith journey and develop deeper connections with your church family! This summer we will be teaching on our Core Values and strengthening the fabric of church family relationships. Check out the ways you can get connected this summer on a Sunday, around a table, and in a group!

On a Sunday

Connect on a Sunday this summer! Our summer sermon series will focus on our Core Values and how they are lived out in the life of the church. Whether you are new to College Park or a long-time member, you’ll gain insight into the biblical foundations of our corporate identity. Read about our Core Values.

Sunday Classes

Want to connect more deeply on a Sunday? Join a Sunday class! Be One and New World will be teaching complementary lessons on the Core Values to go along with the summer sermon series.

Around a Table

Connect around a table this summer! Enjoy fellowship with nine other College Parkers in your parish at a paid-for meal out! Dine with Nine is open to adult members and attendees and hosted by leaders at various times and locations throughout the summer.

Questions about Dine with Nine? Contact Keyon Atkins.

In a Group

Connect in a group this summer! If you are hoping to plug into a long-term small group, this opportunity is for you. Group Launch is a three-week event during the second service on August 11, 18, and 25. Participants will be placed in a temporary small group based on where people live and will meet onsite with a prospective leader. After the three weeks, participants can opt into their group for the long term or try out another group at the next Group Launch event.

Questions about Group Launch? Contact Kimberly Miller.

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