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Micah Vincent

Elder, NW Suburbs Parish

Micah grew up in a Christian home with parents that believed. He never recalls a time that he didn’t believe that he was a sinner and Christ died to save him, but Micah had a lukewarm faith for many years and had a legalistic approach to Christianity.

After a period of more serious rebellion in college, God pulled Micah to himself and he finally saw a big and powerful God that personally loved him. The book of Romans was very important to him in this season. He went through a period of significant spiritual growth and deep relationship with Christ. The book “Gospel Wakefulness” has helped him understand what God was doing in his life during this time period.

Micah desires to see God glorified at College Park Church and to see people grow in their knowledge and love of him. Micah is married to Sherri and they are blessed with three children.

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