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Staff Update for Groups, Classes & Compassion Leadership

Written by College Park Church on

Dear College Park Member, 

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to inform you of several staffing changes that will take effect in January related to oversight in College Park’s adult discipleship ministry areas. These changes have been in the works for several months as we have prayerfully attempted to set up healthy and effective teams for our mission, discipleship framework, and ministry priorities.

Here are the key updates in the Groups, Classes & Compassion areas: 

1. Pastor Mitch DePoy will step into the role of Pastor of Groups & Classes.

This important role oversees the team facilitating the following ministries: Small Groups, adult classes, College Park Institute (i.e., Seminars, Forums, & THINK), women’s/men’s ministries, membership, and the pastoral residency program. Since August 2022, Mitch has been serving effectively in a leadership role over parish ministry, membership, and Compassion. However, when the Pastor of Groups & Classes search began this fall, he expressed interest in this area, and we see Mitch as a great fit given his passion for seeing College Park people belong, grow, and multiply within our church. He will provide vision, ministry strategy, and relational leadership to a newly formed Groups & Classes team that includes Karen Pourcho, Bob Martin, Jane Schuth, and the Director of Groups & Classes and Membership Coordinator.

2. Pastor Bjorn Carlson will become the Compassion & parish ministry team leader.

Upon Mitch’s transition out of the parish ministry leader role, Pastor Bjorn will step into the team leader role for Compassion and parish ministry. These two areas are closely linked and are a natural convergence of the member care provided through elders/deacons, staff, and among the congregation. Bjorn’s primary responsibilities will still focus on Compassion, and this does not affect Pastor Don’s plans to serve part-time as Emeritus Pastor of Compassion in 2024.

3. Roles will be posted for new positions & a replacement.

In the next 1-2 weeks, a new Assistant Pastor of Compassion Ministries role will be posted to provide additional pastoral care alongside Pastors Bjorn and Don to serve the body-life needs of Compassion & parish ministries (e.g., prayer, hospital visits, funerals, benevolence, coordination with deacons). Also, the roles of Director of Groups & Classes and Membership Coordinator (part-time) are already posted. These two roles are open due to Mark Riner and Kelli Ellis transitioning off the staff team in the last quarter. You can see complete details on the Careers page.

I am so grateful for God’s provision in supplying the gifts, skills, and capabilities needed on our staff team in every season. Please join me in praying for great fruitfulness and wisdom as these leaders serve the Lord and the people of College Park. 


Paul Spilker
Lead Executive Pastor

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