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Serving Spotlight: Tom Trupe

Written by Tom Trupe on

There are many ways to serve at College Park, but the emphasis on relationship building is what drew me to Awana. Years ago, I worked with elementary students at a summer camp—playing games, memorizing Scripture, building friendships—and I absolutely loved it. Now with two (almost three) young kids of my own, I can’t so easily serve at a week-long camp. However, Awana provides about thirty shorter, similar interactions with an amazing group of kids over the course of a school year.

Game time during Awana always brings out the kid in me. I may enjoy it more than the students do. It’s a lot of fun seeing kids open up and share their personalities—especially during intense dodgeball games. As fun as the games are, what excites me most are the opportunities the games give me to encourage students and apply Bible lessons.

The most rewarding time of the evening is when we break into our small groups for table time. As we grow together over the course of a year, I get to see students truly apply what they learn in Awana. This year, we’ve spent a lot of table time focusing on being God-centered instead of self-centered. The lessons are often just as challenging for me as they are for the students.

Serving in Awana has been a tremendous blessing. At the cost of just a few hours a week, I’m able to help a young group of students engage with each other, our church, and the Bible. This is why I volunteer in Awana and why I’m excited to continue serving and watching God’s work in this ministry.

Tom Trupe

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