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Serving Spotlight: Elizabeth Mott

Written by Elizabeth Mott on


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About this time last year, I received a message asking if my husband and I would consider serving as table leaders for the coming school year in the second-grade classroom. We had served in Children’s Ministry a few years ago in the nursery. But we had taken a break when our youngest was born and hadn’t gone back.

When we asked to begin serving again, I immediately thought of reasons why it would be hard: trying to get four kids to two services, trying to find time in our busy lives to prepare for the lesson, not being available every week because of travel. Even summoning the energy to invest in children after a week of caring for my own, seemed daunting. Besides that, we were late to the party, it was already late summer—well past the signup deadline. However, God, in His grace, gave me eyes to see that there are other families doing all this– and they are doing it with joy. I remember one particular Sunday when we were in first service, sitting across the sanctuary from the Feiock family. I recall thinking, “they have four children too. They are able to get here for two services, and they speak of their time serving in preschool with such joy. Maybe we could do that too.”

So, we said yes, and I’m so thankful we did. We discovered that the prep to be a table leader is not burdensome, that a table leader’s role on a Sunday morning is not taxing, and that the curriculum is excellently prepared. It allows you the flexibility to easily adapt questions for the needs of the children at your table.

Our children adapted very well to the change (although, we did learn the benefit of laying out clothes and packing snacks the night before). We are blessed by the eager and kind parents and volunteers who have covered for us when we were traveling or had to stay home with sick children.

The biggest takeaway, however, is that serving truly is a joy. While we desired to serve the children in our church, God had blessed us in incredible ways. The truths that we teach the second graders every week are gentle reminders to my own soul about God’s promises that are for me in Christ. I look forward to each lesson because I know how it can impact the students and how it can impact my own heart.

We will serve again this year and are joyfully anticipating what God has for us and our children. I can promise you that God is bigger than every reservation we had and that God is using this opportunity to bless our family as we bless others.

Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth is a member of College Park Church who enjoys sharing her gift of writing to glorify the Lord and encourage others. She

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