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How To Update Your Small Group Roster

Written by Kelli Ellis on

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As a church, how can we know who is in community so that we can care for them?  A Small Group roster helps us know every person in a group.

Knowing Every Person Through a Small Group Roster

Leaders, coaches, and elders all share the desire to “take inventory,” if you will, of how many people are truly involved in Small Groups at College Park.

Because every person matters.

And the only way to know everyone is to have every Small Group Leader keep a record of their group members online.

That’s what we call a Small Group “roster”: the list of who is in your group.

How Do I Update My Small Group Roster?

Leaders should regularly update their roster. Especially when people join the group or leave the group.

How do you do this?

  • Below are several training videos to help you learn how to update your group roster online. Each of these videos is barely over a minute in length—so they are not time consuming.
  • In addition to these training videos, the staff team is available to help!  You may send an email to for assistance.

However, we believe these videos will give you what you need to do it on your own.

If you have never updated your group roster online, you will already see a few people listed in your group:

  • Yourself (as leader) and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Your Coach
  • Your Small Group Elder who oversees your group and your coach

It will be your task to add all of the small group members. Happy updating!

Instructional Videos 

Open Small Groups Tool Via Computer

Open Small Groups Tool Via Smartphone

Add a Member

Remove a Member

Update Your Online Group Description


Questions? Contact the Small Group team.

Kelli Ellis

Kelli serves as the Membership Coordinator at College Park Church. She is passionate about welcoming people into the church and connecting them with a ministry where they can find community.

She and her husband, Richard, lead a Small Group and are involved in the Diversity Discipleship Discussion Group at College Park. Kelli enjoys spending time with her husband, two adult children, their spouses, and her incredible grandkids.

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