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Our Backyard Bible Club

Written by College Park Church on


Today’s post comes from Megan Kraftson, a member of College Park Fishers. We hope it encourages you to hear what God has been doing through backyard Bible clubs this summer.

My husband and I have always struggled with being timid when it comes to sharing the gospel with our neighbors. When we were house hunting last year, we specifically prayed that God would put us among neighbors who needed to hear the gospel, and He answered our prayer. With three boys and a trampoline, our new house quickly became the gathering place for neighborhood kids. When I heard about Backyard Bible Clubs, I knew this was an opportunity to share the gospel, and we were excited to host. When I found out there were people to teach the lessons, lead the games and songs, and provide snacks, I was even more excited! Our family focused on getting the word out to our neighbors, and we involved our boys as much as possible. They put invitations in mailboxes and joined us in praying for the children who would be attending our club that week.

We had a week of beautiful weather and 25 kids who attended our club, including some who had never been to church. We also had a fantastic team of people who volunteered with us. Heidi Sweet, our club leader, had a contagious passion and energy as she engaged with the kids. Elissa, a new member of our Small Group, taught the lessons and did an outstanding job. My oldest son stood in the driveway each morning to welcome the kids as they arrived. Each of us played a part in serving and making our Backyard Bible Club a great experience for everyone who attended.

Every day, the kids enthusiastically recited Bible verses and joyfully sang praise songs. Even those who attended who had no church experience asked questions during the lessons and sang the songs they had just learned as they rode their bikes home. One morning my son ran up to me as we got ready to begin the lesson and said, “Mom, I’m so excited that we get to be missionaries to our neighbors!” God planted gospel seeds not only in our neighbor’s hearts but my kid’s hearts as well.

Our family was tired at the end of the week, but it was blessing to serve as a family, to get to know other people in the church and to see the gospel shared with our neighbors. We are praying that we continue to have opportunities to build relationships with the people God has placed around us and we are already looking forward to hosting another Backyard Bible Club next summer!

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