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My Work: Life as a Part-Time Employee & Full-Time Mom

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Everyone works; from the high school student working on a homework assignment to the congressman working to pass a national bill. But how does a Christian connect their extraordinary faith to their ordinary job? In this article series, we will learn about work from a variety of Christians in all stages of life.

This installment is an interview with Katie Schulenborg.

1. What does “work” look like in the context of your life stage/focus?

Work for me looks kind of three-fold…I am blessed to work at College Park and serve as the Executive Assistant & Project Manager. I have been on staff at College Park for eight years and am currently working part-time with three full days in the office and then fit in additional hours around nap-time on Thursday and Friday. In my time not in the office/working on staff, I am helping to lead Mom’s Connection at College Park, so I am “working” in a ministry context. Then, the other title I have (and my toughest job to date) is “mom” to three kiddos five and under. My current life stage is busy with juggling work outside of the home and inside the home

 2. Why do you do what you do for a career/study focus?

I have a degree in journalism and have been involved in communications and project management for my career thus far since graduating college. I love putting together pieces of a project and working alongside others to reach a common goal. God has gifted me with an administrative bend and I aim to use those skills to help others get projects completed or tasks done ultimately to further his kingdom. 

3. When do you find your work to be the most challenging? During those times, what helps motivate you?

My work is the most challenging when I am unclear on direction for a certain project or task and sometimes, I am in a stage of “hurry up and wait” (I just love progress and movement so waiting can feel hard and is challenging for me). God has met me in those moments though as I ask him for wisdom on how to best enter in on a project, conversation, or meeting to learn and get done what he is calling me to do. 

4. What is one thing you wish that others knew about the work that you do?

When I share my title or that I work for a church, I am often unsure where that lands with people. Everyone has a different story or context for work and church and when you mix the two, you never know what that may mean to someone else.

Something many might not know is that there are many complex processes and systems to keep a church running—we are ministry and not a business, but many of the work and tasks I do can easily translate into the secular work world.

5. Who do you look up to in your life as a model of one who does their God-given work to glorify the Lord? Why?

I look up to my dad who, in the last five years, has had one career change after another—all not what he had planned. With a surprising downsizing after a 30+ year career with one company and then subsequent others, he trusted the Lord time and time again. It was also neat to see the people come out of the woodwork to support him, serve as a reference for him, and cheer him on as he navigated job transition, loss, and next steps. To me, it has been a clear testimony of the relationships my dad built over the many years he has been working and I can only pray that I too model care and compassion for others I am around and have relationships like his one day.

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