Compassion Ministries

Compassion Ministries exist to ignite a passion to follow Jesus by caring for the practical and physical needs of our church body. We are able to do this by connecting those in need with those willing to serve.

Compassion Services

Some of the practical ways we help include visitation, pastoral prayer, funeral planning and services, and meeting immediate needs such as coordinating meal or care calendars and arranging yard work or handyman services for the elderly or for those in crisis. To learn more, visit our sidebar.

Prayer Room & Prayer Initiatives

Adjacent to the sanctuary on the west side of the building is a beautiful prayer room which is open on Sunday mornings and at other specified times. Use this room, either privately or together with a friend or family member, as a quiet spot to connect with God in prayer. We encourage you to write your requests on the provided cards so that our pastors and elders may join you in prayer. You can also communicate prayer requests via the online Prayer Wall.