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What's kidTHINK?

Welcome to kidTHINK|21: The Bible & Our Feelings! This year, we have crafted kidTHINK to be experienced together as a family! We trust that this all-digital event will be a family discipleship opportunity. And parents, we think you'll learn quite a bit as well!

This age-appropriate digital content for children (kindergarten-sixth grade) will teach children how to biblically process and cope with their feelings.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can our family participate?
  1. Register for kidTHINK|21
  2. Pick up your Family kidTHINK|21 Participation Packet (pick up information in registration)
  3. Use the Discussion Guide in your packet to guide your family through the content
  4. Send us a photo or short video of your family taking part in kidTHINK|21 (email it or tag @collegeparkindy on social media!)


What is in the kidTHINK packet?

Each packet will include a family Discussion Guide and a kidTHINK|21 gift for each participating child between kindergarten and sixth grade.


What will kidTHINK|21 look like?

Our digital materials will allow your family to learn together throughout THINK weekend. Simply:

  1. Use the kidTHINK Discussion Guide before each session. Use the time to talk about a specific negative emotion that everyone in the family has surely felt:
    • Session 1: Anxiety/Fear
    • Session 2: Shame/Embarrassment
    • Session 3: Depression/Sadness
  2. Visit this webpage to view the accompanying 5 to 7-minute teaching video for each session
  3. Again, utilize the kidTHINK Discussion Guide to answer questions and talk
  4. Return to this page to worship together with Seeds Family Worship and view additional parent resources
  5. Complete the family activity suggested in the discussion guide

We get it: we can't wait either!

All digital content will be available starting Friday, Mar. 5.

THINK Conference 

 What is it?

The annual THINK conference seeks to present rich, biblical teaching in clear and understandable ways. This year, we welcome author and speaker, Dr. Ed Welch and senior pastor of First Byron Christian Reformed Church, Dr. David Murray. During THINK, we'll enjoy three sessions of thirty-minutes each, worship, and a Q&A panel.

Together, we will learn what God has to say about one of the most complex and misunderstood topics of our time: mental health.