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How I Learned to Pray for the Leaders I Coach…Through Texting

Written by Allan Dorn on

Leaders and Coaches

When I was invited to consider becoming a Small Group Coach, I knew it was a great opportunity to serve other leaders. I was encouraged so much by my Small Group Coach that I wanted to be a part of helping other leaders flourish.

Methods from My Coach

I learned much from my Small Group Coach who supported me spiritually as a brother in Christ and as a Small Group Leader through:
• Prayer
• Encouragement
• And direction

How did he do this? We met face-to-face for coffee a couple of times a year and updated each other monthly on our individual prayer needs through emails or texts.

Face-to-Face and Beyond

Now as a Coach, I aspire to continue these practices with the Small Group Leaders that I currently care for.

In the beginning, face-to-face meetings were the main method of communication and encouragement, and they set a strong foundation for the Coach-Leader relationship. But the methods that I learned from my Coach have also been helpful when these face-to-face times can’t happen:
• When we are able to meet face-to-face, we pray earnestly for each other, our families, and our Small Groups.
• When we are unable to meet in person (because of different seasons of life or busy schedules) we stay connected through text or email.

Texting Leads to Praying

The emails and texts that I received from my Coach were crucially sustaining spiritually for me as a leader, and I hope that as I do the same I am able to bolster my leaders.

Texts and emails have become the main method of communication and prayerful encouragement with my leaders. Whenever I am thinking about the leaders that God has given me to serve, I can quickly send them an encouraging text or verse. This has been a key way to stay intentional and connected. This is also done while praying for those leaders. Small Group Coaches should always prioritize praying for their Small Group Leaders.

Relationships in the Midst of Busy

As we follow Jesus, the relationships the Lord provides us with are vital to helping us grow as Coaches. The relationships of Small Group Coaches and leaders remain a priority in busy, challenging lives if we are willing to honor the Lord by living in community with these relationships. It’s always a great blessing to hear from and connect with one another.

I am an imperfect Small Group Coach, and the recipient of grace from my previous Coach and current Small Group Leaders. But as I Coach, I have learned that being intentional with encouraging texts and emails in addition to praying regularly for your leaders are two key ingredients to help you become an effective Small Group Coach.

Allan Dorn

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