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How I Found Family Through Church Membership

Written by Nancy Herridge on

What do you do when you lose everything—your marriage, your home, and your job; your children go to college; and then you lose your dog? You lean on God, knowing he is a good, good father working for your best. You trust that he will not let you fall.

As I got on the plane for a weekend of house-hunting, unsure about such a drastic move—a new job, would I make it? The thought of leaving my friends, my home, my church, and my family, was overwhelming. I wondered: what would I do without my church? It was so special to me. My rock.

After a stressful, sad two days I arrived at College Park on a Sunday. My heart was heavy and I had so many questions for God. I knew that I hadn’t found College Park by accident—a friend of mine from Bethlehem Baptist Church had recommended the church. Yet, it was all new to me as I walked through the doors that first time.

But when I left College Park that day, something was different. I was filled with calmness and a sense of direction. I knew God’s plan and College Park was part of it. This church would help me transition into this new life.

I believe that membership is a commitment to be a part of God’s family. Family, big or small, means the world to me. More than two years later, College Park has become my church family—a compass that God uses to direct me to himself.

I am so blessed by this church and the way it has supported me and been committed to me. College Park is family.

Nancy Herridge

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