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God Made Your Body Good

Written by Jodi Harvey on

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about your body? Christians are taught, even at a young age, that God cares for your soul (he died for it!) and are encouraged to rehearse those foundational truths daily. But what about your physical body? Do you know what the Bible says about that? Do you know how God views your body, and do you have tools to rehearse those truths? Because, while God does love your soul, he also loves your body. He created you not just as a soul, he created you as a whole being.

In a recent article, we explained the realities of living in this fallen world and how that affects the lens through which you see your body. Your view of your body is not neutral. The lens you see yourself through has been shattered and distorted by sin. And yet, there is the hopeful truth that God does not see you through that same lens. He is without sin—we know and believe this! He is outside of this broken world, and his view is right and true. He can see all things clearly. And what does he see when he looks at your body? He sees your body as good. All of it. Even the parts that you try to cover, even the parts you hope to change some day and even the parts you are deeply ashamed of. God sees it all and he calls it good. How do we know that? He tells us in his Word, from the very beginning.

God spoke and created man and woman in his image. He spoke and Adam was formed. He spoke and took a rib from Adam to create Eve. And after he created all that he did, he looked at it and he declared that it was good. In fact, he said it was “very good.” God didn’t simply look at the souls of men and women; he looked at their entire selves, their physical bodies included, and said it was good. Because God himself is good, everything that he creates, including your body, is good.

Your physical body was created good, and it was created as a means for you to worship God. In Psalm 139, David knows this and proclaims it. He says, “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it well.” David is praising God for his physical body! He is claiming that his physical body, God’s workmanship, is wonderful. David declares this truth with all the passion and belief that is seen elsewhere in Psalms. David knows this is true about his body, and he knows this deep in his soul.

When was the last time you thought of your body as good? When you look in the mirror or head to the gym, are you praising God for his wonderful work like David did? For some of you, if you are honest, your answer to this question might be discouraging. You have never proclaimed your own body as part of God’s good creation. Maybe you have thought you believed this truth, but it was only when you were in great shape or times when you had the perfect makeup and a great style going. If you are honest with yourself, that version of believing your body is good is only at a physical level and that always fades. A true belief that God is good and that he makes good things has yet to transform your own view of yourself deep down.

It is God’s desire that you would live and walk in his light and in his truth. He gives us his Spirit to dwell in us for that very purpose: “and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Cor. 3:17). This has always been his plan for you. He wants you to move and live and worship in the physical body he gave you. Your body is not your project; it is his good creation. He desires that you live believing deep down in your soul, that your body is good. You were made to proclaim his good works to the world. You are a part of that good work, his very good creation. So go on, girlfriend! Say it out loud and say it to the mirror, “I am a good creation!”  Say it for the sake of worshiping the One who created you.

Jodi Harvey

Jodi serves College Park Church as the Digital Content Coordinator. She loves using creative avenues to encourage the saints and ignite a passion to follow Jesus and enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin and their children, Riley and Connor. 

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