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Can I Convince You That Giving Is Better Than Receiving?

Written by Evan Collister on

What if I told you that giving is better than receiving? Would you believe me? Don’t get me wrong, receiving things is exciting. Everyone loves a fun gift, a surprise Starbucks drink, or the blessing of a friend paying for lunch. And though the moments of receiving gifts are joyful, I would argue that being the giver is even better than being the recipient.


As followers of Jesus and children of God, we are called to be people who joyfully give. We recognize that nothing in this life belongs to us—everything belongs to God—and that we are merely stewards of God’s possessions which he has entrusted to us for this short life. Our life, our body, our money, our children, our everything—none of it is actually ours. It is God’s!

Thus, to give means to take something that God has entrusted to you—something in your possession— and to voluntarily entrust it to someone else for the purpose of honoring God and advancing his kingdom. Giving is an act of love for God and obedience to him where you release his possessions that he placed in your care to someone else with the aim of spreading the love of Christ and his good news.

Giving Is Better

Jesus himself states in Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

If we’re honest, this statement seems wrong. As humans who struggle with sin and selfishness, our natural tendency is to gather and hoard things for ourselves. We think “me first” and everyone else last. From the time we were toddlers we have loved the word “mine.”

But the God of all the universe, the One who is truth himself declares that giving is better than receiving.

Why is it better? First, because God has designed his creation this way! God himself is extraordinarily generous (remember, everything you have is from him), and he has designed humanity in his image and likeness, and part of that likeness is his generosity.

Second, giving is better because when we give, we serve as vessels and conduits of God’s grace and provision for others. You see friends, God not only provides for us, but he also provides through us, and God allows us to be part of his work in caring for his creation.

Where Do I Give?

It’s important to understand that our giving is to the Lord. Proverbs 3:9 states “Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce!” Giving unto the Lord means giving to the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the advancement of the gospel!

God has revealed to us in his Word that the Church is the primary means by which his gospel will be spread to all people, and I believe the first place for any believer to give is their local church. In addition to your local church, give to wherever there is a need for gospel impact! Give to someone in need, support missionaries, parachurch organizations, Christian radio stations, and anywhere Christians are spreading the gospel.

Do you believe that giving is better than receiving? Jesus says it is! I challenge you to take him at his Word, and give!  

Evan Collister

Evan serves College Park as the Assistant Pastor of Stewardship & Young Adults. He is passionate about preaching and teaching the Word of God, building Christ-centered relationships, and seeking biblical financial wisdom. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Eleni, and their family and friends.

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