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Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids

Written by Alicia Wagley on

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Most of us parents are feeling a little more tired than usual because of staying at home during this pandemic. The natural cadence that breaks up the day’s tasks has suddenly changed so that the days and weeks become blurred. It can be hard to keep kid’s occupied when luxuries like playdates and babysitters are not an option.

As we are having to find new ways to make the most of this time with kids at home, let me encourage you that being stuck indoors can also be a blessing. When will you ever have this much consistent, uninterrupted time with your child?

Here are some ideas on how to make the most of each day—and even make some new memories too. Turn off the TV, put down your phones, and enlist the help of the older kids to involve all ages as you fill the day with activities to grow closer as a family.

1. Make crafts: this includes anything from coloring books, painting with watercolors, using sidewalk chalk, decorating with stickers, and making jewelry with beads or thread

2. Bake something yummy: Flip through cookbooks and have your children pick out a desert to concoct

3. Read books: set up a reading corner or have your older child read to the younger kids

4. Reminisce through old pictures: make a miniature scrap book with the pictures that are buried in boxes

5. Build something: Make a tower out of blocks, LEGO’s or Lincoln logs

6. Complete a home project: Delegate age-appropriate jobs for each child

7. Put on a puppet show: Grab some stuffed animals and let the imagination run wild!

8. Talk with family: Check in with friends or family members by using FaceTime or Zoom

9. Play music and dance: Fight cabin fever by checking out a playlist and get out all the wiggles!

10. Watch a movie: What’s better than Friday night frozen pizza, a good movie and snuggling with your little ones?

11. Learn something new: a song, a memory verse, things about animals, a new craft, etc.

12. Take a walk outside: It is such a gift that warmer weather is on its way!

13. Do yardwork: Little fingers are good at pulling weeds and finding bugs

14. Pray together: Make a list and pray for those who are in need or sick. Hang up this list for your kids to be reminded to care for others through prayer. Model prayer for your child by praying regularly.

15. Have a picnic: set up a packed lunch in the yard and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Play a game of “I Spy With My Little Eye” while you’re out there!

16. Help with chores: Let them help you with cleaning and laundry! It’s good for them to learn these skills

Most importantly, let’s take this season as an opportunity to teach our children more about Jesus. As parents, let’s reflect Him well during this season so that our kids can see us trusting and abiding in Him.

Alicia Wagley

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