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Family Resources For Discipleship During COVID-19

Written by Zach Cochran on

During this season, most of our churches and ministries will not be gathering, but that doesn’t mean ministry has to stop. Even though we don’t gather for ministry right now, this is an incredible opportunity for you to have faith conversations with your child at home. As a parent, you have been given the role as the primary spiritual influencer in your child’s life. And this is a season that allows for incredible spiritual influence.

The obstacle is that this task can seem overwhelming. It is awkward. It is hard. This is largely because we often feel inadequate and underqualified. I would say that none of us are perfectly qualified or prepared, but that we do have resources.

There are so many incredible tools that are out there to help guide you as you seek to engage in conversations that help your child consider faith rather than put their faith on the sidelines.

Here are some top resources that I have found from various partners in ministry: 

Sunday Live Streaming: Sermon Notes

Help your kids stay engaged by printing off age-appropriate sermon notes they can complete. These are designed to help your child engage with the live streamed service. 

Family Devotional Time 

  • Bible Project Videos – This is a video platform that helps teach the Bible in a faithful and creative way. You can watch these videos as a family and have conversations about them. 
  • D6 Family App – This is an app provided by our friends at D6. It is full of devotionals and tools for you to engage your child’s heart at home. 
  • Seeds Family Worship – Seeds is a ministry focused on helping kids understand God through Scripture and worship. They have a hope for kids learn twenty verses in 2020. Perhaps now is a great time for your family to start that endeavor!
  • Fighter Verses – The Fighter Verses website and app are a great family resource to Scripture memory. Consider memorizing verses together as a family—particularly ones that speak to fear or the unknown. Let these verses be weapons in the spiritual battle we are facing during this season of COVID-19.

What Will Your Children Remember? 

There are many great resources out there, but this is a great start! I encourage you to check these out and be intentional with this extra time you have as a family.

What if this strange providence of God creates a new rhythm in your family? What if it becomes a season that, in ten years, you look back on with gratitude, amazed at all God did through it. My hope—and, I trust, your hope—is that one day, your child stands before a church to give their testimony and that when they do, they share the ways that their parents were an important part of why they are following Jesus. I believe God will make it happen, and I hope you will join this moment for God’s glory among our children. 

Zach Cochran

Zach received a B.A. focused in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee at Martin and received his M.Div. from Southern Seminary in Louisville. A former pastor at College Park Church, Zach now serves as an associate pastor at Sojourn Church J-Town in Louisville, KY.

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