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Did You Miss “Hitting Refresh”?

Written by College Park Church on


During our first-ever Small Group All Leader Equip Night on Thursday, October 8, 2020, we featured the topic: “Hitting Refresh.” We spent time enjoying one another’s fellowship outside and talked through how to hit refresh in our lives as followers of Jesus and in our groups as Small Group Leaders.

Pastor Bob Martin spoke from Phil 3:13-14 where Paul talks about an important posture Christians have in this world: forgetting everything that will hinder our race, and straining forward toward an ultimate prize found in Christ. He asked questions like: “How are you finding rest?” “What are your fillers and drainers?” and many others.

He shared practical ways to hit refresh in your two most important relationships; with God, and with your spouse.

To see what we covered, download the PDF here:

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