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Did You Miss, “Is My Small Group Friends?”

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During our Small Group Leader Equip Night in May 2019, we featured the topic: “Is My Small Group Friends?”

We spent an extended time covering five questions for tables of leaders to discuss and share.  Consider these questions for yourself as you lead this year:

  1. What is your one sentence definition of “friendship”?
  2. Is your Small Group friends right now? Why do you think so? How would you rate your group at this (1-10)?
  3. How can you be a “friend” to those in your Small Group?
  4. What would it look like for your Small Group to be friends with one another?
  5. How can you help your Small Group move in this direction this year?

You can also download the slideshow of Bob Martin’s opening presentation on this topic, featuring content from Drew Hunter’s book, Made for Friendship.

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