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Congregational Meeting Results & Your Questions Answered

Written by College Park Church on

We are pleased to announce that all four motions presented by the College Park elders to the members at this past Sunday’s Congregational Meeting passed with great affirmation and support!  

For all who attended the meeting and either emailed questions in advance, attended one of our Q&As, or asked a question at the meeting, thank you! To help everyone stay informed, the following were the top three questions related to the motions presented to members:

Q: The allocation of funds for Local Outreach seems small in comparison to Global Outreach. Why is that?

A: There are over 3 billion people globally in 7000 unreached people groups who have no opportunity to know Jesus unless someone goes to tell them. At the same time, only 1% (1 penny for every dollar) of global mission dollars and only 3% (3 of every 100) of global missionaries are bringing the gospel to these unreached people groups. College Park has a long history with unreached people groups and is uniquely positioned to help in this effort. And we have the same desire to love and serve our neighbors well right here in Indianapolis. In the last couple years, the Lord has given more clarity and specifically the prepared ministry leaders to guide Local Outreach and Parish Ministries. This year, the team is focusing on Luma Counseling, serving College Park Elementary School, and aiding families in crisis through Family Advocacy Ministry. Our intent in the next few years is to add other expressions of love to serve our neighbors near the church and in our parishes as a bridge of grace that allows us to share the gospel of Jesus in real life-changing ways for our community.

Q: Is Bjorn Carlson still Pastor of Compassion?

A: Yes! Bjorn’s title is Pastor of Congregational Care & Compassion. Bjorn plays an integral role as he coordinates care for our members through our Parish Ministry along with elders, deacons, and the Compassion Ministry staff team. Pastor Bjorn continues to engage directly in compassion care such as visitations and funerals, but because some of his time is now devoted to coordinating parish care, we added another full-time, experienced pastor to the Compassion Ministry Team, Pastor Garlando Lewis. Pastor Don Bartemus continues to support our Compassion Ministry part-time, giving us a total of three wonderful pastors serving College Park Church on the Compassion Ministry Team.

Q: Will there be added pressure on our Soul Care Team with Luma becoming an independent organization?

A: Luma Counseling is becoming its own 501(c)(3) that aims to care for the hurting with the light of Christ in our broader Indianapolis community. This does not have an impact on Soul Care staff or counselors. If someone is a member or attender of College Park Church, they request care by connecting with Soul Care. For non-members or attenders, including neighbors, family members, friends, and co-workers, Luma Counseling is a resource for them.

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