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Christmas Worship: 5 Songs You Haven’t Heard

Written by Chris Skinner on

The Christmas season undoubtedly means everywhere you go, you’re hearing Christmas music. In general, these songs can take a lot of forms—fun, upbeat, reverent, somber—and cover a lot of musical styles. But I think it is important to draw our attention to some Christmas songs that help us worship. Christmas worship, after all, is what we’re called to do. Whether it’s Christmastime or not, we’re called to worship “in season” and out.

So, whether you think Christmas music before Thanksgiving is endearing or inappropriate (I’m in the latter camp), Christmastime has officially arrived. Check out the five Christmas worship songs below:

Hope Has a Name” – Passion Music

This new song has an upbeat, driving call to worship for the Church in the Christmas season. It reminds us that Christmas means salvation and that is worth celebration and devotion of the highest degree. I especially like the lyric, “We didn’t see it coming / The story of redemption / What started in a manger / Ended in an empty grave.” What a great reminder of the total perspective of Christ’s ministry!

“Now Behold the Lamb” – Kirk Franklin & The Family

This gospel tune reminds us that Christ was born to rescue sinners—what an awesome truth! With beautiful sounds of piano, strings, and gospel choir, it starts quiet and builds into a joyful exclamation: “Now behold the Lamb / The precious Lamb of God / Born into sin that I may live again / The precious Lamb of God!”

“Sing We the Song of Emmanuel” – Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

Piano and acoustic guitar drive this “modern hymn” that proclaims: “God Most High in a manger lay / Lift your voices and now proclaim / Great and glorious / Love has come to us / Join now with the host of heaven!” Matt Boswell and Matt Papa blend their voices together with a congregation you can hear in the recording, encouraging you to sing out as well.

“Noel” – Chris Tomlin & Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle adds her powerful voice to this piano ballad. “Son of God and Son of Man / There before the world began / Born to suffer, born to save / Born to raise us from the grave” points us to the grand mission of the incarnation. This one makes you sing out “Noel, Noel / Come and see what God has done!” which makes it a great one to belt out alone in your car.

“Heavenly Hosts” – For King & Country

This new song ends each chorus crying out “Holy, holy holy!” Is there a more appropriate response to the saving incarnation? The two brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone who make up this popular band blend their voices together in beautiful harmony and evoke what it might have been like to see the angels and meet the newborn Savior like the shepherds from Luke 2.

Chris Skinner

Chris serves on the College Park Church Worship Arts Team as the Production Director. He is passionate about encouraging the church to gather and worship Christ. Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and Small Group.

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