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Called to Japan

Written by Luke Standridge on

For most of my life, I was content to live “safe” Christianity. From an early age, I felt God’s gifting in music, and I began composing my own orchestral music when I was twelve. I had no higher dream than to be a film composer in Hollywood and nothing was going to divert me from this path.

Before I knew it, I was being asked to score films for directors all over the world. Soon after this, I started receiving emails from some of the largest advertising companies in the world and my music was being used on national and international TV. It seemed that my dream was becoming more and more realized. But God had different plans.

Four years ago, God opened my eyes to the nations—in particular, the Japanese people. He began to open opportunity after opportunity to form friendships with the Japanese community here in Indiana and in Japan. God was confirming his call, and he was completely changing my heart.

Tokyo has the highest concentration of unreached people in the entire history of the world. After experiencing the spiritual darkness in Japan firsthand by living life among the Japanese, I realized that I could no longer live my apathetic life, deaf to the millions who are dying without Christ.

After much prayer and counsel, I decided to fully pursue becoming a missionary to the Japanese people. My ministry will focus on using music to spread the gospel and build the kingdom! I am so thankful God didn’t let me settle and become just a Hollywood composer. God showed me that he didn’t want me to create music for man’s glory, but for the glory of the Creator of the universe!

Calling me to the mission field is far greater than anything I ever could have imagined.

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Luke Standridge

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