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BOOK REVIEW: Breaking Free from Body Shame by Jess Connolly

Written by Jodi Harvey on

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

“How would you live differently if you believed your body was good?” Jess Connolly asks this question of her readers, and I have found the answer to be powerfully transforming.

Breaking Free from Body Shame approaches the topics of body image and body shame from a clear biblical perspective. It takes us back to the beginning by closely looking at the creation story and reminds us of a foundational truth: God is the Creator of all things, and he created you and me. We are reminded that God called his creation good, and that includes us. We are his image bearers, both body and soul. Jess says it this way: “The truest thing about you is that you are made and loved by God. And the truest thing about God is that he cannot make bad things” (pg. 7).

In this gem of a book, we see that God cares about how we treat our bodies and what we think about them. He cares that we purpose to use our bodies for his glory, as vessels of worship—worship of our great God! Real life stories and examples bring this book alive and make it relatable. It touches on church culture and some of its pitfalls and mistakes relating to body image. It also encourages us to grab our friends and bring this to our communities. It leaves the reader with practical encouragement to apply to the real-life struggles of body image, eating disorders, body shame, and so much more.

This book has challenged me and changed my perspective many times over. I have been reminded that my body matters to God—it is his temple. I have learned to believe that what I think about my body matters greatly as well.

I highly recommend this powerful read to both young and old alike. So, grab this book and ask God to use it in your life. Let the truth that speaks loudly in this book, lead you to greater freedom in Christ. “You are in a good body, you are not meant to live in shame” (pg. 7).

Jodi Harvey

Jodi serves College Park Church as the Digital Content Coordinator. She loves using creative avenues to encourage the saints and ignite a passion to follow Jesus and enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin and their children, Riley and Connor. 

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