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Be Still and Know That I Am God

Written by Anne Moore on

For the Christian, the goal of this life is to pursue God and know him and to have real relationship with him. I have seen that choosing to be still before him is one way I can know him better.  

However, now more than ever, we live in a world of continual distraction that requires constant redirection. Every day, we have work that piles up, people to care for, homes to attend to, and tasks to complete. Yet the ability technology has given us to always be accessible, the pull of social media to keep up with the latest trends, and the constant barrage of news and sports makes it increasingly difficult to be still.

Stillness is defined as deep silence and calm. When is the last time you were still? (And no, sleeping doesn’t count!) Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” What does it mean to take on the posture of stillness? To be removed from the noise and hectic pace a day can bring? Depending on your stage of life, most of the time it takes more effort to have quiet moments within your day than it does to react to the demands of the day.

The Price of Distraction

How can we know God, let alone another person, without being purposeful in our pursuit? If I sat across the table from a new friend in a loud setting where it was hard to hear her speak, if I had my phone turned up so I heard every notification or call come through, and if I was continually interrupted by others, there would be too many distractions vying for my attention. This would greatly hinder my ability to focus and my goal to make a new friend.

In the same way, if we don’t persist in making time with God the priority of the day, and in protecting the time set aside to know him better by reading his Word, meditating on it, praying, and reflecting, we will miss out on real connection with him. We must shift from being reactive in our pursuit of him to being proactive in our relationship. So often time with God becomes inconsistent, driven more by our circumstances and what we need from him at a given moment, instead of learning who he is through the study of his word and character.

The Reward of Stillness

The times in my life when I have acutely experienced God’s presence and comfort have been the moments when I am still before him. While I grieved the loss of my brother, I retreated outdoors where I beheld God’s creation, listening to the leaves blow in the wind and feeling the breeze on my face. I sat on a bench and prayed to God with words from the Holy Spirit because I didn’t have my own words to say. I lingered on that bench, taking deep breaths and recounting the faithfulness of God in my life, including the truth that he will never leave me nor forsake me. I experienced his peace that day in a way that had been elusive in the weeks before. I had been wrestling through the aftermath of losing my brother too early and was swept up in the busyness of planning an unexpected funeral.

I don’t know how long I sat on that bench that day, but I do know that God mercifully met me there by giving me peace in the midst of my pain. God didn’t speak in a storm or through thunder but in a quiet whisper. On that day, sitting still before God, I got to know him better.

I encourage you to take a moment now or plan a time in the near future to simply be still before God, acknowledge his sovereignty, and see what he will teach you through the stillness.

Anne Moore

Anne has been a member of College Park Church for 26 years and serves in Women’s, Discipleship, Parenting and Counseling ministries. She enjoys gathering with family and friends, hiking, biking and traveling to new places with her husband and adult children.

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