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4 Ways to Pray for your Small Group When You’re Busy

Written by Bob Martin on

Leaders and Coaches

How many times have we heard a fellow member share a prayer request update (about their job interview or surgery or pregnancy) and realized that we completely neglected to pray for them during the intervening week between Small Group gatherings? These four methods can help with upping our prayer priority for those in our group—even in the midst of our full schedules.

1. Texting

Having a phone allows us to reach out to those in our group during the week. And it is especially encouraging to receive an unexpected message from someone who is praying for you.

Texting is a very helpful way to “continue the conversation” about prayer outside the walls of your regular gathering. You can:
• Ask what someone would like prayer for (if they haven’t shared recently)
• Ask for more details about a request that was shared
• Let them know you have prayed (or are praying) for them
• Send them a supportive Scripture verse along with your prayers

2. Daily List

Habits are powerful. They help us live in reality what we say is important theoretically.

One prayer habit you could utilize is placing a list of your Small Group members in a location that you’ll see daily (your work desk, your car, your devotional spot). When you see this list, take that moment to pray for them.

3. Day of Week

One of the most helpful prayer rhythms I’ve adopted is setting aside different groups of people to pray for on different days of the week. This way, even if I forget to pray for my Small Group throughout the rest of the week, I can rest assured that at least one day will give me the chance to lift them up to God in thanks and intercession. This can easily be a part of your regular devotional time (before or after you read a portion of the Bible).

4. The “Quick Break” (One Thing)

You don’t have to pray for it all. Sometimes focus is the best blessing in prayer. That’s why it may help to take a quick break for a moment in your day (when you start up your car or first thing before you start work at your desk) and pray for just one item for your Small Group.

That one thing could be a prayer request you remember someone sharing. It could be something that you’ve been burdened about for someone in your group. Or it could be a strategic moment of thanks—for what God is doing in one person’s life (or the group as a whole). Taking a moment to focus on praying for just one thing frees us to give good attention to a specific place where God can be invited in to do his work.

The Days In Between

The reason we pray is because we believe God is doing bigger things than we can see—and he invites us to participate in them. Sometimes, the most important spiritual work happens in between gatherings. So, no matter how consuming our “to do” list becomes, let’s remember to pray for one another (Eph. 6:18).

Bob Martin

Bob first joined staff at College Park as a Pastoral Resident in 2011 and has served in several important roles since that time. He now serves as the Pastor of Membership & Connection. Bob is passionate about seeing men and women enter into community with others to find hope together. He enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends.

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