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3 Truths to Remember Amidst Change

Written by Keyon Atkins on

We have all experienced change in our lives: moving to college, changing jobs, meeting new people, you name it. Change can be scary and discouraging no matter who you are. As a twenty-three-year-old from Arkansas moving to Indianapolis, this season has been full of change and anxieties for me. It can be hard to trust God in these scary situations. There is loneliness, confusion, frustration, and even second-guessing that comes with extreme changes. I have felt it all as I began this season at College Park Church as a pastoral resident. Despite those feelings, I have learned to trust God and his plan during all the change. As I write this, I’ve lived in Indianapolis for about a month, and while it has proven challenging,  it has also been rewarding as I’ve grown from the new experiences. Whether you are moving to a new city or about to experience another form of change, this is for you.  Here are three reminders that have helped my transition and helped me trust God throughout it.

Be patient with yourself.

Often we try to anticipate what we think will happen when change comes. You may have every scenario thought through and every interaction mapped out. You can be so focused on adjusting quickly that you lose sight of yourself. I know I have. When I came to College Park, I tried to hit the ground running and jump into everything as soon as I saw the opportunity. But results were not immediate. Friendships have taken longer than “expected,” and I have wondered if my new role is a fit for me. I had spent so much time expecting things to be immediate and quick, I had not given myself time to adjust to the life-change that I was experiencing. I grew frustrated because I felt like I was moving too slow and that I should know more than I do. You can just as easily hold that same expectation in your everyday life. You may be impatient and rush yourself before you are ready. This season has reminded me that I must take each day slowly and thoroughly, leaving tomorrow to the Lord.

Sit in your uncomfortable moments.

We all do it.  When I become uncomfortable, I quickly try to figure out how to be comfortable again.  I crave comfort and will do whatever it takes to get back to it. And yet, learning to be uncomfortable and understand those feelings helps us grow. It can be difficult, but it allows me to appreciate how far I have come in a few months. There have been moments where I find myself wondering,  “How can I quickly get back in my comfort zone?” I know it’s a lot to ask, to stay in the uncomfortable situation, but the only way to fully trust God is to allow him to use that discomfortable. God never promised we would always be comfortable, but your trust in him, in every situation, is what he desires.

Remember who is in control.

I am not in control of my life. You are not in control of your life. God is in control of everything. Clinging to this simple and absolute truth is what ultimately helps you trust in God’s plan for seasons of change. God has uniquely designed the change in your life to challenge you to trust in him and rely on him. Each change can draw you closer to him and his character. If you remember this, you can rest, rather than worry about what’s next.

I pray that in times of change that you will remember God and the mission he has placed in you. God is using each of our stories and walks of life to impact new people and minister to them, whether you know it or not. Being patient, honest, and gracious to yourself will help you in seasons of change. Trust in God’s plan for you when things begin to shift and take each day as it comes. In time you will see growth.

Keyon Atkins

Keyon serves College Park Church as a Pastoral Resident. He enjoys discipling the next-generation and creatively impacting people for Jesus. He enjoys a good Marvel movie, and spending time with friends and family in Arkansas.

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