2022 Christmas Offering

This year's offering is one of the most strategic offerings in our history, investing in multiple countries where physical projects would not be allowed or even safe.

His Glory, His People, Our Family


Digital Booklet

To view the full 2022 Christmas Offering booklet information, download the PDF.


The Unreached of Central Asia

177 Million People Unreached

(Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan)

Unreached peoples are those who will likely never hear the gospel. They will be born, live their life, and die without ever hearing about Jesus because there is no one in their community to tell them.



The Investment

This year's offering will be used to invest in the following areas:

  • Online pastoral training
  • Translation projects
  • Medical and food aid distribution
  • Social media evangelism
  • Online theological training platform
  • Online theological mentorship program
Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan
  • Small business grants for bi-vocational house church leaders
  • Pastoral mentorship program


Pray for church leaders in these countries to have wisdom to shepherd their people well and to be wise as serpents but innocent as doves. Pray for believers in these countries to stand firm in their faith, rejoice in suffering, and be lights for Jesus in their communities.


The Christmas Offering will be collected in-person on Sunday, Dec. 4. Give online or in-person through the end of December.