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June 16, 2014

How Do I Not Waste My Brain in this Season of My Life?

Author: Joe Bartemus // Category: Books & Resources

I love the title for this article suggested to me by Bob Martin for our College Ministry.  “Don’t waste your brain” is something that I cannot claim to do perfectly, but I think it is a great goal.  I remember some ...

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August 22, 2013

Resources from the College Park Institute Forum on Sexual Identity

Author: Joe Bartemus // Category: Children's Ministries

On Sunday evening, Aug. 18, College Park Institute hosted a forum on sexual identity topics. We hope the forum and the resources below are helpful for you in framing biblical, spirit-led, discerning perspectives on the topics discussed. Download ...

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March 30, 2013

The "Game Changing" Resurrection of Jesus

Author: Joe Bartemus // Category: Theology

Easter 2013 is coming this Sunday. It is the high day of the Christian faith. We are approaching our annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. That event was without doubt the greatest “game changer” ever in human ...

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Tags: easter, resurrection

February 15, 2013

Passover and the Big Picture

Author: Joe Bartemus // Category: Theology

Some stories are huge in themselves and one could forget that they are a part of a bigger story.  For example, 9-11 was a huge story that most of us remember very graphically.  I remember being at church that day and seeing the first ...

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Tags: theology, passover

January 6, 2013

THINK|13: Coming Soon!

Author: Joe Bartemus // Category: Local Outreach

We often read the Bible as if it were a bunch of stories or poems that were compiled over many years without much connection to each other. I tried to read a “post modern” book recently where each chapter was independent and not ...

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Tags: thnk

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