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December 12, 2014


Author: Becky Emerick // Category: Stories & Testimonies

Presents. Programs. Parties. Preoccupation. This year, I’m trying to add a new “P” word to the Holiday To-Do list: Pause.

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Tags: christmas, advent

November 14, 2013

Making Time for Thankfulness

Author: Becky Emerick // Category: Children's Ministries

Is it any wonder that we crowd stores to buy things we don’t really need the very day after we’re supposed to be thankful for what we already have? Thanksgiving, one of the least commercialized holidays in our country, has been an ...

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Tags: thanksgiving

October 24, 2013

Prayer Is The Work

Author: Becky Emerick // Category: Outreach

"Dear God, I pray that the Smiths* would not be eaten by big, gigantic worms!" This is the daily prayer of my four year old little warrior. He usually follows it up with the swooshing and swinging of his invisible sword to attack any imagined ...

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Tags: reach, prayer, barnabas

December 19, 2012

Our Imperfect Christmas

Author: Becky Emerick // Category: Children's Ministries

It’s less than a week until Christmas.  Less than a week? We are at least 5 days behind on our Jesse Tree and over 2 weeks behind in our advent book, Tabitha’s Travels. I haven’t sent out Christmas Cards. We haven’t ...

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Tags: christmas, advent, resources

October 23, 2012

Less Talking, More Asking

Author: Becky Emerick // Category: As Seen on Sunday

“You mean you got to meet them… in real life?” a first grade girl asked my son during Sunday School. He’d just announced proudly that we had hosted the H. Family for dinner at our home Saturday night. This was a big deal ...

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