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December 17, 2014

Life after LIVE|14: The Frenzy of Doing

Author: Bob Martin // Category: Community Life

As a single person, one of my tendencies can be to overfill the gaps of time I find in my unmarried life schedule. Filling them with projects, and tasks, and personal assignments.

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December 15, 2014

Life after LIVE|14: Fighting "I Am What I Do"

Author: Kristin Gilbert // Category: Community Life

Searching for acceptance in all the wrong places. Do I measure up? Am I doing what they want me to do correctly? Did I do something wrong? Was that good enough? What does she/he think of me?

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December 12, 2014


Author: Becky Emerick // Category: Stories & Testimonies

Presents. Programs. Parties. Preoccupation. This year, I’m trying to add a new “P” word to the Holiday To-Do list: Pause.

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Tags: christmas, advent

December 8, 2014

Are you a Bed and Breakfast Christian?

Author: Eric Swanson // Category: Soul Care

Bed and breakfasts are an interesting concept. You spend a night in an old, drafty home with décor that is supposed to take you back to a time far gone. Unfortunately, these homes often remind you of a house on “Ghost Hunters” full of ...

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December 1, 2014

College Park Spotlight: Wolfgang Otto

Author: Katie Schulenborg // Category: Stories & Testimonies

The story of College Park member Wolfgang Otto could begin in many places. It could begin at the beginning when he was born in 1932 in Nazi Germany. It could start when he was escaping East Germany when he was just 16. It could begin when he ...

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