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Small Groups

Community is God's idea. It began in the Trinity, was established in the Garden of Eden, and has been God's desire for His people ever since. Here at College Park, we seek to have intentional, purposeful, and invasive community.

Small groups give us the great opportunity to live life alongside each other: we bear one another's burdens during trials, celebrate our victories in good times, and serve together in ways that bless and point us towards Jesus each step of the way.

Like the early church, we want to come together as broken Christ-followers desiring to know and be known and seek to live life as Jesus designed it.

We have seasons where we add folks to small groups and accept interest forms online. We start out the year strong, accepting interest forms from January to April. For May through June, we take a break as as summer schedules are not as conducive to small group growth. In July and August, we promote our summer LIVE series and folks can go online and sign up for their own group that fits their schedule. In September and October, we open the online interest form again. To close the year, we close the interest form online in November and December, due to busy holiday schedules.

The online Small Group Interest Form is currently deactivated as we are focusing on LIVE|14. For information on LIVE|14, click here.

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Contact Gary or Mark if you have any questions about Small Groups or Community Life at College Park.