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“. . . take root below and bear fruit above . . . ” 2 Kings 19:30

SERVE is an annual season of service where the body of Christ at College Park comes together to serve our neighbors and community. This year, we encourage you to ask your friends, families, and neighbors to join you as you serve.

Plant yourself in a posture of serving others with us during SERVE|17 to see what fruit God grows.

Are you looking to serve on a regular basis at your campus? Visit our Serving page here.

Fishers SERVE

Fishers SERVE|17 projects will take place over the course of three days in April: April 11, April 15, and April 22.

April 11 // Hands of Hope

Provide a meal and childcare for the foster children while the parents receive training at Hamilton Hills Baptist Church. Feel free to bring games and toys to interact with the children as you play with them.

When: April 11 from 5:45 - 8:15pm 
Questions? Email Adam Snively 


April 15 // Keeping Fishers Beautiful

The Keeping Fishers Beautiful project will be at Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve. This will be the third year that CPC Fishers has participated in this service opportunity. Come ready serve the Fishers community by helping clean the reserve area! 

When: April 15th, 9-11 a.m.
Questions? Email Matt Richards 


April 15 // Set Up For Easter

Help us prepare for our Easter services by participating in set up the day before. You don't need to have any prior experience in the set up team to serve.  

When: April 15th, 9-11 a.m.
Questions? Email Alex Carr 


April 22 // Child Evangelism Fellowship 5k

Child Evangelism Fellowship 5k at Hoosier Road Elementary.

You have two options to participate in this services opportunity: Volunteer to cheer for participants & help with clean up at the Child Evangelism Fellowship 5K OR, sign up to participate in the 5k. 

When: April 22, starting at 7 a.m.
Questions? Email Sherie Phares 

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April 22 // Nursing Home Ministry

Show the love of Jesus by mulching and planting perennials as well as playing games with the residents at Hearth at Windermere Assisted Living

When: April 22, from at 9:00-11:30 a.m.
Questions? Email Vivian Gayer 


Neighborhood Ministry

Neighborhood Ministry projects can be anything that involves serving those in your neighborhood. This could be helping others with landscaping, painting, house projects, etc. We want to love our neighbors well in order to showcase who God is and what He is like! You can even reach out to your HOA for ideas. Please contact Chris Beals for more information or questions.


North Indy SERVE

The North Indy SERVE|17 projects fall into four categories:

1. Local Outreach Partner Projects

College Park supports several strategic local ministry partners and SERVE is a great opportunity to not only learn more about each partner but also to help them in tangible ways.

2. Assisting the Body Projects

SERVE always offers us an opportunity to help members of College Park that need an extra hand on a project at their home. These projects vary house to house and may include things like yard work or painting.

3. Refugee Projects

God has brought people from all over the world to our neighborhoods and communities, and we have an incredible opportunity to connect with refugees by loving them, dignifying them, and knowing them. Through our SERVE|17 projects, meet people who are working closely with refugee populations, hear their stories and pray for refugees.

4. Brookside Projects

SERVE|17 marks four months since our Christmas Offering to benefit Brookside was taken. Are you interested in seeing the impact of this year’s Offering? Choose a Brookside SERVE projects to explore what God is doing in this growing community.

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Child care is offered for those participating in SERVE|17. Register for child care after you register for a project.

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