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College Park Church’s Pastoral Residency is a two-year program aimed to prepare recent seminary graduates for pastoral ministry. We start with men who exhibit the bedrock qualifications of a pastor: a deepening relationship with Jesus, a heart to shepherd God’s people, and character in line with passages like 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. From there, we want to see our residents grow in the abilities and experience needed to take on pastoral leadership within the church.

The word “residency” is confusing to many; the number of pastoral residency programs nationwide is still small, and different residencies take different approaches. When we say “resident,” many hear “intern,” which sounds like a day of making copies and sitting quietly in the corners of meetings. But that’s not how our residency works. Here’s how we develop our pastoral residents:

Residents learn by doing. 

From the outset, residents are given responsibilities within College Park Church. They counsel; they teach; they own ministries, all from month one. Under the guidance of their pastor, residents are put into ministry work and learn as they go. We entrust our residents with ministry work and develop them mainly through an experience-and-feedback model.

Residents lead within the church. 

We believe that the best way to learn to be a leader is to actually lead. Residents are given leadership opportunities within College Park. They shepherd College Parkers in community groups. They lead lay volunteers in ministry. They organize projects within their pastoral context. We give our residents as much leadership experience as possible so that they’ll be as prepared as possible for leadership in their next ministry step.

Residents are both generalists and specialists. 

Residents gain experience in general pastoral ministry: they preach regularly, counsel others, participate in elder meetings, and have other opportunities to grow in the competencies that pastoral leaders need. But residents also specialize in one area: they get major experience in one field of College Park’s ministry. This means residents will build a special relationship with one of College Park’s pastors and grow particularly in one form of pastoral ministry.

What do we look for in a resident?

The first things we look for in a resident are a growing relationship with God and a desire for pastoral ministry.  Second, we’re looking for men who have completed masters-level theological training: not necessarily an M.Div, but something like it.  Third, we’re looking for candidates who would feel at home at College Park.

To date, we’ve had Pastoral Residents with focuses in Community Life/Groups, Children’s Ministry, Local Outreach, and Biblical Counseling.

Contact Joe Bartemus, Pastor of Theological Development for more information.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity Extension Site

College Park Church hosts an extension site for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Deerfield, Illinois. Students can earn a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, or a Certificate in Biblical Studies from the College Park Church site. If you’re not interested in pursuing a degree program, you can still benefit by taking classes on an audited basis.

LEARN ABOUT 2017-2018 CLASSES (CATALOG coming soon)

Course Times

Weekend classes meet Fridays 6-9 p.m.; Saturdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Doors open 30 minutes prior to class start time. 

Course Enrollment

Returning students may register for classes through the new web-based registration by following these shortcut instructions.

If you have any difficulty refer to the letter and full instructions from TEDS.

New Students to Trinity:  ALL students, credit seeking and auditors,  MUST fill out an application -- either a VSA (Visiting Student Application) or an application to a program in order to establish themselves as Trinity students. 

  • Click here  
  • Scroll down to Admission Details
  • Fill out the form that corresponds to their situation 

Visiting Credit Students:  After filling out the online VSA application and requesting their transcripts to be sent to Trinity, credit seeking students will be processed through Admissions, then on to Records and IT and will get a letter in the mail containing their Trinity student ID# from Admissions. Within 5 business days (it can be less) of when they filled out and submitted the application, they will receive an email from IT letting them know their login credentials and can then access and log into myTIU, and the Dashboard to register for future classes.

Program Students:  The process for new program students is similar to that of Visiting Students (above) but will have a longer timeline.  The program application is more involved - essays, resume, recommendations, transcripts, GPA, etc.  The timeline can increase based on the responsiveness of the student submitting all of the necessary 'pieces' (essays, recommendations, transcripts, etc.)  Once the application is complete, it is then reviewed by Admissions. This process of receiving all of the necessary paperwork and reviewing them can take on average 7-10 business days.  Once a decision is made, the student is confirmed and sent an acceptance packet with the acceptance letter in the mail. From this point, the application is sent to Records  and then on to IT who will generate the student's login credentials and will send an activation email to the student.  Once the student has received, opened and completed the activation email, they will be able to login to myTIU, access theDashboard and register for classes.

The above application process to a program from the time of decision to the point of the ability to register can be completed (as above for Visiting Students) within 5 business days; HOWEVER, getting to the point of where their application is ready to review is dependent entirely on the applicant's responsiveness and the rate at which they submit the application pieces. Applications can also be held up waiting for recommendations (from third parties) to come in as well.


Regular tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $450 per semester hour of credit. Tuition for non-credit (those not earning graduate level credit) is $240 per course. Please contact Trinity regarding full-time pastoral scholarships. Click here for the Student Financial Services Information Sheet for Extension Students. Click here for Tuition Refund Schedule.

Complete payment for courses can be made one of three ways:

  • Pay online at  or through the dashboard here with credit care. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • By check made payable to "Trinity International University" with your name and ID in the memo field and mailed to the address below.

Trinity International University 
Attn: Student Accounting
2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL, 60015

By Phone with a credit card by calling 847.317-8080

For More Information

Contact Kelly Alexander at 317.532.8610 or Trinity's Extension Office at 800.588.7705

Classes are held at:
College Park Church
26o6 W. 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Directions: (map)

  • From I-465 take the Michigan Rd. Exit (Exit 27)
  • Go north on Michigan Rd
  • Go east on 96th Street
  • Church located on corner of 96th St. and Towne Rd.
  • Enter in Door 8 (office entrance)


Fall 2017


Cycle C
Course Title
Sem. Hrs.
Dr.  Michael Sabo ME 6963 Principles of Discipleship 3 Fri-Sat Aug 25-26, Sept 22-23, Oct 20-21, Nov 17-18
Dr. Wayne Johnson ST 5103 Systematic Theology III: Holy Spirit, Church, Last Things 3 Fri-Sat Sept 1-2, Oct 6-7, Nov 3-4, Dec 1-2 
Spring 2018
Dr. Edward Klink NT 6000 Hermeneutics 3 Fri-Sat Jan 26-27, Feb 23-24, March 16-17, Apr 27-28
Dr. John Mackett CH 5060 Church History 3 Fri-Sat Jan 19-20, Feb 16-17, March 23-24, Apr 20-21


More information on courses and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


  • North Indy

    2606 W 96th Street, Indianapolis IN 46268

    8 a.m., 9:45 a.m., & 11:30 a.m.

  • Fishers

    12001 Olio Road, Fishers IN 46037

    9 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.

  • Castleton

    5825 E 91st Street, Indianapolis IN 46250

    10 a.m.