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Christmas Offering 2013

>> Update: it's with joyful and thankful hearts we announce that over $1.1 million has been given to the 2013 Christmas Offering. 


Right now, one-third of the world sits in spiritual darkness. One-third of the world’s languages do not have a copy of God’s Word. One-third of the world has no access to the Gospel.

No Bible.  No Gospel.

Meanwhile, we sit comfortably with dozens of Bible translations available at our fingertips within seconds.

What can we do to close this gap to bring a Bible to the Bibleless – to bring light to the darkness? 


In partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, the 2013 Christmas Offering went towards a remote region in East Asia. Wycliffe reports that more than two-thirds of these minority language communities have no Scripture available in their heart language and that there are virtually no believers or mature churches in their midst. 

The translation needs in this area are enormous, and many communities in this region are difficult to access. The arduous travel to reach this region and the mountainous terrain inhibit the native peoples from moving and interacting with other communities in the area. 

To help bring the Gospel to these people, the Christmas offering went towards a strategic number of projects within the region:

  • Fund a New Testament translation from start to finish 
  • Accelerate translation for three language communities 
  • Help nurture native language literacy 
  • Print scripture, fund medical workers, and provide medical supplies and equipment 
  • Fund training of native tongue translators 
  • Complete a language survey in the region for future translation projects
  • Establish a fund for translations of new languages 

While access to the Bible is something many of us can simply download, with your gift to THIS offering, the unreached people groups of the Cloud Mountain get THAT, a Bible to read on their own.