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What is membership?

Just as the very first Christians were members of a local gathering of God’s people called a church, so anybody who chooses Christ is also choosing to join his people—which we do through a local church.                         

Christians submit themselves to a local church as the expression that they are part of Christ’s body and in order to live out God’s commands of how we are to treat fellow believers and our church leaders.

Whether you're ready to join College Park Church now, in the near future, or you're just interested in discovering more about what we believe and what it means to become a member, you're invited to participate in this Saturday event.

Become A Member

Register for the Membership Class by completing the online application. You'll want to register early. We typically close the North Indy class two weeks prior, so we can get everything ready. If you need to cancel for any reason, please let us know. Canceling also helps us with our food count and child care needs. Remember that everyone in the family that is planning to attend the class should fill out an application.

Our Upcoming North Indy Saturday class is April 29.  The class is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (includes breakfast and lunch.) Read more and register below. You'll find the registration under the Attend the Class section.

Before you register for the class, take a few minutes to read the information below. It would be worthwhile to check out the things that are important to College Park and may distinguish us differently from other churches.

Confession of Faith This is about what we believe as a congregation.

Code of Bylaws This will tell you more about our purpose and your role as a member.

Member Covenant This is what we agree to do together as a congregation.

Baptism If you haven't been baptized, you'll need to fill out the application in the Baptism section below.



"Going, make disciples...baptizing them..." These are the words of Jesus. Baptism is an ordinance of the church whereby a believer publicly expresses their faith, identifying them as a follower of Christ. The method we use is one-time immersion to signify the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior.

All who seek baptism must fill out an application which includes a section for a written testimony that will be read at the time of baptism. A baptism class will be held one week prior to your baptismal service to discuss the importance of the Sunday morning baptism event. 

2017 Baptism Services:

North Indy: January 15, May 21, July 16, November 5

If you have questions about baptism, please contact Pastor Don Bartemus, or call 317.875.0282 x140.

Watch this baptism story:

 Click here to read a sermon on the importance of baptism (by Mark Vroegop)  

Attend the Class

The class will help you learn more about our church. You'll discover, in more depth, who we are, what we believe, and you'll understand our core values. You can commit to join our church before the class or if you need to think about it awhile, that's okay. You can join later.

At the North Indy Saturday class, we'll provide breakfast, lunch, child care, and an enjoyable time together as you discover what College Park is all about.

After completing the Membership Class portion of the morning, you'll have the opportunity to have lunch and talk with others from the church. It's a ministry fair of sorts, where you'll be encouraged to become involved in three areas where you can grow in your faith, connect with others, and serve. Ready to sign up?


 The Fishers campus will have a Saturday class for anyone wanting to learn more about College Park Fishers. It will cover some of our history, beliefs, values, ministries, mission, and strategy. It is a class designed for anyone wanting to learn more about our church. For those wanting to become members, this class also functions as our membership class and attendance is required to become a member. The class will meet at Prairie View Christian Church on March 18. Ready to sign up?

Let's start your registration heRE


Be Voted In

After these steps are completed, our church body will vote all new members in and celebrate with a party following our Fresh Encounter Prayer service.  At Fresh Encounter, we’ll have the opportunity to pray over you as well as all of the new members. It’s our way to as welcome you into your new church family.

If you have any questions about becoming a member or the Membership Class, call the church office at 317.875.0282 or email Michelle Lawrence.

Retreat With Us

If you became a member of College Park last year, this year, or are pursuing membership, then be sure to come to our New Members Retreat.

When: Sept 8-10

Where Life Action Camp (Buchanan, MI)

This is the best bang for your buck! You'll develop closer friendships with others in a camp-like setting. You’ll meet people who are newer, just like you, as well as College Park members. Bring your entire family for a weekend of campfires, hayrides, land and water activities, as well as some times for teaching and worship.

Cost is $50 per person ages 13 to Adult (kids ages 12 and under $35)

We also have discounts for families of 5 or more.

Registration opens up April 1

Register here

Already a Member? Get Connected!

Entering membership is just the beginning. Every member at College Park should be enjoying getting and staying connected into relationships and growth within the church. There are plenty of opportunities to experience community, serving, and getting equipped; and we want you to thrive and enjoy these opportunities as a critical part of our body.

Get an idea of what it means to be connected by checking out our Connecting page.  

And if there are ways that we can help you get connected, let us know.  If you have any questions about connecting at College Park, contact Bob Martin at 317.875.0282.

Leaving College Park?

If you are a member and are planning on transitioning out of membership, we want to walk through this process with you.  Please have every individual member who is transitioning out of College Park Church complete the Member Exit Form

Please note: This form does not automatically remove you from membership.  Our elders and members will be involved in finalizing this process, and you will be notified about your removal once it is finalized, if not before.

Contact Bob Martin with questions.