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Biblical counseling

Our Soul Care counseling team offers counseling to the attenders of College Park Church that is rooted in and informed by the Word of God. We believe God’s Word is sufficient to address the struggles and trials of life (2 Timothy 3:16). If you would like to request Biblical counseling (soul care) from College Park Church, please give careful attention to the following items:

  1. On occasion, request for counseling outnumber available counselors. When this happens we will close certain categories of counseling for a season. Once the waiting list goes back down we will reopen counseling for that category. Below is the current status of each waiting list category. Also, be aware there are only daytime hours available to women seeking individual counseling. 
    • Counseling for Members is OPEN 
    • Counseling for Regular Attenders seeking individual male counseling is OPEN
    • Counseling for Regular Attenders seeking couples counseling is OPEN
    • Counseling for Regular Attenders seeking individual female counseling is OPEN 
  2. Please read the Facts About Biblical Counseling and note any questions that you might like to ask at the beginning of your first session. Please read this before completing step two.
  3. Carefully read the Consent to Counsel form. 
  4. Complete the Personal Data Inventory (PDI) form. Once you complete the PDI we will send you a small booklet called Christ and Your Problems in the mail. If you are requesting counseling for your child or teen, please complete the Personal Data Inventory: Kids and Teens.
  5. While you wait to get placed with a counselor, read Christ and Your Problems and complete the homework that will be sent with it. 

If you have difficulty in completing any of these steps, please contact Kelly Alexander, and she will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Further Instructions:

If you are in immediate need of care please call College Park Church (317.875.0282) and ask for the pastor of the day. If this is a health emergency or you are thinking of harming yourself, please call 911.

Pre-Marital Counseling

College Park offers a pre-martial class for engaged couples that covers the basics of Biblical marriage, communication, the role of the husband and wife, resolving conflict, finances in marriage, sexual intimacy, and other foundational material. This class is recommended for any engaged couple at College Park and is required for couples getting married at College Park or using a College Park pastor for their wedding ceremony. Please fill out the Pre-Marital Counseling form for further information.

Upcoming Marriage Events

Financial Counseling

College Park offers financial counseling to members and regular attenders. Counseling is available for a variety of topics including budgeting, savings and retirement, and debt management. Complete the online Financial Counseling form to engage with this ministry.

ACBC Training Center

College Park Church is pleased and honored to be an official training center for ACBC.  In our efforts to equip and train believers to accurately handle the Scriptures in all of life’s problems, we have partnered with ACBC. As a training center, we can give believers a stronger voice in biblical discipleship and also help those who are interested fulfill a requirement in ACBC certification. 

In addition, our training center status also allows us to train, equip, and challenge believers from other churches and other cities and to be a blessing to many. Below are three ways to get our basic Discipleship/Counseling Training.

1. Register for our Sunday morning classes at 9:45 a.m. (childcare available) 

  • Discipleship Foundations taught every fall (usually September-November) 

  • Discipleship in Relationships taught every winter (usually January-February)

  • Discipleship in Life Issues taught every spring (usually April-May)

2. Register for our weekend classes

  • Held over the course of three weekends each year (Friday night and all day Saturday), usually in the winter/spring season (no childcare)

3. Listen to our audios online

  • Follow the link and scroll down to Discipleship Foundations, Discipleship in Relationships, and Discipleship in Life Issues and listen to all the audios 

Other Training Opportunities on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. from September - April (childcare available):

  • Advanced Discipleship topic & Advanced Theology Classes (2x a year) 

  • ACBC Theology Exam study class (1x a year) 

Upcoming Discipleship & Training Events

Soul Care Training Videos

We are happy to share a series of counseling training videos designed to help you strengthen your counseling and discipleship skills.  We hope that these tools broaden your scope of counseling and provide practical examples of how to incorporate important biblical themes as you come alongside others.   

Key Elements videos ($25)

A 6-video series to help you learn how to gather data, discern problems, give hope, build involvement, give instruction and assign homework.  


Case Study videos ($25)

A 10-video series designed to give examples of discipleship and counseling people in various situations and life stages, including a child seeking answers about death, being single, dealing with adultery, dealing with sexual abuse, depression, grief, marriage, parenting, and sexual sin. 


Video Bundle ($40) 

Purchase the Key Elements series and Case Studies series together for a discounted rate. are available as a bundle for $40.  Upon purchase, we will send to you the link and code to download your videos.


 After purchasing the videos, you will receive an email with a link to download the videos.


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    Sunday Services: 8, 9:45, 11:30 a.m.

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    Sunday Services: 9 & 10:45 a.m.

  • Castleton

    5825 E 91st Street, Indianapolis IN 46250

    Sunday Service: 10 a.m.