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“Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ” (Romans 1:1). With the first phrase of his letter to the Romans, Paul identifies himself as a servant. It’s his identity as a servant that leads to serving in specific ways, which is different than just sprinkling in service into his life. Paul provides an example here of Being a servant and then Doing service. SERVE14 is an annual one-day service event but that one day is a reminder that we should Be servants year-round. We share our lives and serve others in deeds and then those bridges of grace open up doors for us to share the gospel in words.

We invite you to join us for SERVE14 where we’ll live out our identity as servants in acts of service to others around our city. Our hope is it doesn’t end on that day but that SERVE catapults you into seeing yourself like Paul did…as a servant of Jesus Christ.

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On April 27, 2013 we had over 800 people from College Park spread throughout our city to SERVE! It was a great day that began in our church sanctuary with a commencement service before people separated for a full day’s work at 40 locations. Our goal was to encourage our local partners, strengthen their impact on the city, and build relationships in the Brookside community.

“Today was AWESOME! I am very thankful for any opportunities I get to involve my kids in serving and putting them in the way of God’s working. I absolutely loved my time with the group and felt charged and refreshed when I left.”

“We are going to be with full hearts and tired bodies. Thank you for bringing light and pouring life into our neighbors on a wet and wonderful day.”





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Our theme for 2012 was “Celebrate, Serve, and Celebrate!”  SERVE|12 was tied to the Christmas Offering as we look back and celebrate what God has done in Brookside since 2008, as we served together on April 28, and then celebrate how God will impact our city through the 2012 Christmas offering. Here are just a few of the many exciting stories shared by those who participated.