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Strategic Partners

Cambodia - World Relief
Cambodia is a land that was ravaged by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Immense physical suffering, however, has opened doors and hearts for the Gospel. World Relief Cambodia seeks to incarnate Christ among these hurting people through micro-enterprise development, HIV/AIDS education and care, maternal and natal health training and anti-trafficking programs in order to build the Church in Cambodia.  College Park Church partners with World Relief by prayer, funding, and sending ESL teams. 

India - Good News for India
Through our partnership with Good News for India, College Park is supporting the training of Indian nationals to reach north India with the Gospel, including one of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

Caspian Region - Caspian Fire
College Park Church has been involved since 2004 in an effort to bring the Gospel to the people of the Caspian region.  Our work has included helping to get the full Bible translated and printed in the local language, as well as sending workers on the ground who are engaged in church planting efforts.


Steve & Kelly BaughnTEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) - Japan
Steve is chairman of TEAM Japan. They, as a family, facilitate church planting.

Tom & Robin Miyakawa Family | Ministry Essentials
Tom and Robin are focused on caring for missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Tom is a math teacher at Grace International School which serves over 350 missionary families and their 500 kids.  Over 3,000 missionaries live in Chiang Mai and serve all over Southeast Asia.

Justin & Heather O'Malley | Cru
Justin serves as New Zealand National Director of Cru ministries.  Cru in New Zealand has six strategic ministries: Campus, Athletic, Military, Familylife, Workplace, and Church network.  Justin provides leadership to these six ministries and oversees the training of New Zealand staff in communicating the gospel in these different ministries.  "We have the privilege of leading our 100 New Zealand staff members."  Cru in New Zealand also sends staff to reach out in Australia, South Asia, and the Pacific region. 

Other Missionaries
In addition, College Park Church is involved with a variety of church planting efforts throughout Asia in Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim contexts. We are sending our own people, working with other agencies and missionaries and helping with the training of nationals who will do the church planting work themselves.

Barnabas Teams

  • Steve & Kelly Baughn (Japan)
    • Leaders: Mark & Vivian Gayer (email
  • Tom & Robin Miyakawa (Thailand)
    • Leaders: Lincoln & Lynda Brill (email)
  • Justin & Heather O'Malley (New Zealand)
    • Leaders: Scott & Ginger Johnson (email)
  • (Caspian)
    • Leaders: Josh & Amanda Huron ( )
  • (East Asia)
    • Kyle & Katie Schulenborg (email)
  • (East Asia)
    • Jamie Felling ( )
  • (East Asia)
    • Leaders: Mark & Vivian Gayer (email)
  • (East Asia)
    • Leaders: Bruce & Paige Osborne ( )
  • (East Asia)
    • Leader: Craig & Shannon Lewis (email)
  • (East Asia)
    • Leader: Marianne Heinzman (email)
  • (East Asia)
    • David & Jane Schuth (email)
  • (Middle East)
    • Leaders: Collin & Christy Schneider (email)
  • (South Asia)
    • Leaders: Mark & Vivian Gayer (email)
  • (Southeast Asia)
    • Lee & Becky Emerick ( )
  • (Southeast Asia)
    • Leaders: Aaron & Jennifer Pettersen (email
  • (Undetermined) Christine Groves
    • Keith & Lora Dodson ( )