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Strategic Partners

Kenya - Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

Africa has one of the fastest growing evangelical churches in the world. It is also a continent that has been torn apart by poverty, war, corruption, hunger, injustice and AIDS. The mission of NEGST is to train leaders who will help the church in Africa deal with these realities in a biblical way. Over 300 alumni are serving in 26 countries in Africa. College Park Church helps by sponsoring students and sending teams to help with various projects at the seminary. Meet our current scholarship students

Liberia - Bethesda Christian School

Liberia was decimated by civil war during the 1990's. College Park's involvement in Liberia is multi-faceted. Bethesda Christian School, a Child Evangelism Fellowship-affiliated school, is training children to be followers of Jesus Christ who will have an impact in their country for Him. Abundant Harvest Farms is an economic development program of growing rubber trees whose proceeds help assist Bethesda Christian School. Triumphant Transformation Kids provides training and assistance for the extremely poor and destitute. College Park Church is involved through funding, scholarships and vision teams that help with construction and other projects. 


Peter & Areni Ritchie | SIM - Angola

Literacy development among the unreached Mumuila people, under the auspices of the church in Angola.

Barnabas Team

  • Peter & Areni Ritchie (Angola)
    • Leaders: David & Vanna Finley (email
  • Cheryl Cleveland (Togo)
    • Leaders: Jeff & Theresa Murray (email)